Username & Confusion with IPSOS+Sassie and IPSOS APP

Can someone enlighten me?
1. I can't seem to sign onto Sassie. Is it because I'm new?
I get this message: Sorry, couldn't find an account matching the supplied credentials.
2. Also, I cannot sign onto my IPSOS on the cell APP. It asks for my username and does not recognize me, and I signed up for a shop tomorrow. I contacted them, but haven't heard back yet.
I'm still trying to learn here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Each MSC that uses Sassie has a different website. They may look the same, but it's not. If you haven't filled out the application for IPSOS on their Sassie site, then you can't log in.

So on the app, you entered the correct URL for IPSOS? And then entered your username and password to log in?
HI again :-)
Thanks for responding.
I found out that I needed to sign up with sassie (different from Ipsos)
Just waiting for approval I think.
I downloaded the app yesterday because I thought it was the way to report shops.
Do you know how this works? I wrote them and i'd hate to cancel on them especially being my first shop. I've only done MF, and can't seem to find a way to report (on the phone app) / get paid.
OK: first of all, Sassie is a reporting platform. Many different MSCs use different platforms. Some use Prophet, some use Sassie, and some use Shop Metrics, and then some others have their own reporting systems.

IPSOS uses Sassie on one side and Shop Metrics on the other side. Now, for IPSOS, only the Shop Metrics side will utilize the Mobi Audit app. You cannot use the app to report your shop if it's a shop scheduled on the Sassie side and will have to report it via through the normal Sassie website.

I know this might be confusing for you, I hope you get it all figured out.
Thanks you again. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out. I really appreciate this. I wondered why I couldn't sign into shop metrics. Yes, you have been a great help. Have a good night.
It's fine, love to help. If you have more questions, I don't mind and others will likely chime in...but you will get the hang of it!!!!
Hey Jas, can you post the url you have for the shopmetrics side? I used to be able to open one or the other but now I keep getting both on one page and no matter what I do my password manager fills in both and then only the sassie side opens and tells me credentials are wrong. Or else it opens and looks like the right site but it says there are no jobs but I know there are.
So can I get the proper url for shopmetrics? I tried online and ended up with IPSOS Puerto Rico!
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