Ipsos scheduler issue

I am having a very difficult time with this one scheduled....She gets on my nerves!!!Never gives me any shops.All the other schedulers do but not this particular lady.Who can I email about this?I also complete my work on time so she has no legit reason for not assigning me things and she’s always so rude!!

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It may be frustrating but as an IC there isn't much to be done about it but maybe try to build a better relationship with the scheduler if possible. I used to get almost all the jobs I applied for with one client/scheduler that I did a lot of work for. Then suddenly I was only scheduled for 1 or 2 out of 20+ applied for. Many schedulers have favorite shoppers, when you're one of them it's great and when you're not it's frustrating. Things have gotten better for me this past quarter with the scheduler and I have been assigned many of the jobs requested.

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Sometimes we all have to pull up our big girl (or boy) panties, swallow our pride and move on. There are lots of MSC's who would welcome a good shopper like you, ajkj!
A tactic that works well for me is overwhelming them with kindness: "Dear XXXX: I feel we have gotten off track somehow. If I have offended you in some way, I apologize. If you could take a moment to tell me where I've gone wrong, I would deeply appreciate your assistance so I may correct my error. I'd really like to get back to where I can get more of the shops I request. Is there any way we can do that? Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my request."

Also, do you request the shops on-line, or do you e-mail her directly with your request?

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