$5 Reimbursements

I see these at grocery stores, discount department stores, hardware stores and fashion stores to name a few.

Granted, I can always find something at any of these stores but it may not be something that I want. Why can't the various MSCs raise the reimbursement to $10 so we can have a decent coupon or buy something useful?

I did a fashion store today for a bonus. The only item less than $5 in the store was some tawdry jewelry that I would never wear.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope

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Those are the types of store you do for the fee, no the reimbursement. Or if you were going there already. Sure they could raise the reimbursement amount and cut the fee by the amount of the reimbursement - I'd rather have the cash and just give the thing I wouldn't use away.
Very true, and I get that. For the hardware store I get a very decent bonus, so I use the fee and reimbursement as a coupon. My purchase today was under reimbursement, so I made a profit.

I also get that I can pick and choose my assignments. I'm just saying, give us a break!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I agree Honny. I do the $5 reimbursement shops at the casino a lot and I end up with a lot of "stocking stuffers" like shot glasses, keychains, etc. Sometimes I'll get a snack or a magazine, but honestly, just make it $10..even $8 so I can add a coffee mug to the collection lol.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
I just did a number of hardware shops - most with a small bonus, one or two at base pay, all with the $5 reimbursement. I actually was able to pick up many items under $5 - "fluff" for next year's Christmas Village ($1 as it was clearanced) and a number of painting items (drop cloths, paint samples, etc.). I typically take many of these either after a holiday season so I get the decorations on sale, if we really need something, and in this month's case, picking up various things that my daughter needs to complete her GS Gold Project. It's a painting and organizing project and I'm donating the materials to her. Between the fee and the reimbursement I made a little bit and also saved her time in fund raising for her project. I also figured out which store had paint on sale to go back to purchase it BOGO. Other times, I can usually find something that we need for the reimbursement, even if it's just 1 light bulb! One round a year or so ago they wanted us to inquire about paint. I picked up a bunch of samples of different colors and we painted the walls and shelves of the arts and crafts area in the basement every different bright color that you could think of. Had I had to buy all that paint myself I never would have done it.
@ceasesmith wrote:

I don't work for "coupons", "discounts", or even for food.

I work for MONEY.
ceasesmith you make me laugh. You are too funny. I understand what you mean. However, the way I look at it is like this. If I purchase something I need with the reimbursement, that is saving me money. I don't have to come out of pocket. So, essentially it is the same as making money. For example, what is the difference if a shop pays $15, you get hungry, and go spend $15 at some food establishment? That money comes out of your pocket for something you needed. I get hungry, go to the food establishment, and the reimbursement covers the cost. I save money. I essentially made $15. That works for me.

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I don't spend money eating out. I actually only eat out when I'm completing a shop. I do use hardware shops for light bulbs, garden seeds in the spring, other needed items I would be out of pocket for. However, I also get PAID to do these shops.

1forum, my situation MAY be a little different than yours. The absolutely closest shop to me is 45 miles each way. I MUST make gas money, and some for my pocket! Normally, I have to have more than one shop to make it worth while to even go the 90 mile round trip. A $10 meal reimbursement and an $8 fee ain't gonna make it.

I cannot recall the last time I took a job off a job board at base pay. I run a business, and I'm in business to make a profit!
cease, I agree. I work for cash, not widgets. If I buy something that I need and it is over reimbursement, it eats into my profit.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
But HonnyBrown, if you were going to buy it anyway, you still come out ahead. It is less money out of your pocket. For example, I do a lot of grocery stores. I make smoothies everyday. I use strawberries, blueberries, almonds, chia seeds, kale, flax seeds, stevia, banana's, 365 days a year. It is all paid for by MS reimbursements. Yes, I go over the reimbursement by $1 most of the time, and that chips away at the fee, but it is a small price to "pay" for a lifetime of free meals. Additionally, I buy toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, water, paper plates, and soap, with the reimbursement. Again, I go over about $1 which eats part of my fees. But I am buying stuff that I need, week after week, month after month, year after year that I use daily and it is not coming from any other source than that mystery shop. It is profit to me because I don't have to spend any money from my personal accounts. It has been several years since I came out of pocket, saving saving saving several thousand dollars on stuff I use all the time. I can't remember the last time I purchased any of the aforementioned things above independent of mystery shopping.

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I have done those $5 reimbursement Aldi shops in the past, and hey cease, some of that stuff went into the care packages I sent you and a few other people a couple of years ago! Of course, those shops paid a small fee as well, but I generally spent more than the reimbursement and the fee combined when I did them.
I get that. However, if I am working for cash (which I do), and I am using these $5 shops as coupons, that still eats into my profits. I acknowledge that I am spending less on my household items, but it is still money out of my bank account since $5 does not cover much.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I hear you guys.

And if the shops were right around the corner, I'd probably snap them up. But, again, it does NOT make sense to drive 90 miles for $5 worth of light bulbs or toilet paper, or even cat food.

Of course, I take reimbursement shops -- but in my case, the pay must ALSO be there.

It makes no sense to drive 90 miles and "save" $5 on toilet paper -- when I can go to my local store, 6 blocks away, and get the same price for the same item there. Without spending $12 on gas and putting $58 miles of wear and tear on my vehicle!!!
But if one pops up on a route you have already built, then why not? You aren't going out of your way to do it if it's on the way or next door to another shop you had already picked up.
That's just it JAS: I already have the beans and rice, the toilet paper, the picture hangers, shower liners, spices, etc. Unless I'm doubling up on something, the thing that I need will be over $5. The shops in this area nearby and never bonused.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Gotcha. i haven't seen an Aldi's store in a long time, but I shop there anyway so if one popped up, I would take it if it was convenient for me. I could use some more goat cheese. The goat cheese at the regular grocery store is $3.99 or more for a 4 oz. log and at Aldi's it's only $1.99! I like their vegetables, fresh pasta, and a bunch of other stuff I would buy whether or not it was a shop.
Yes, Aldi was the exception because their prices are so low. I love avocados. In the chains, they are $1.25 on sale. At Aldi, the are under $1 on sale. Whole chickens are $0.95/pound. My last shop there, I got baking soda, onions and hummus for under reimbursement.

I don't mind doing a grocery store for no fee and a $15 reimbursement since that will go a long way for me.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
ceasemith if I was in the same situation as you, I wouldn't do it either. Fortunately, there are countless stores in my area. I can't leave my house without passing by several. So it is convenient for me. There are actually 3 "right around the corner" from me. I am really thankful that I have been able to save so much on the things I use so much. It really does add up. Also, the grocery shops I do have a reimbursement of $9, $15, and $20. I have done an Aldi here and there, but I think the reimbursement is only about $5 to $6.
Yes, it's low. When you do an Aldi;s, you might as well just look at it as a coupon. But the shops are so easy and take only a few minutes to submit, so why not?
The $5 shops I do are at the airport. Those buy me nothing I want. Generally I buy a bottle of some healthy drink which is $4.95 there. At least there is a fee for those shops. I understand how people feel who do not think it worthwhile to do a shop for a $5 reimbursement and a small fee. Where I live the stores are not too far to drive but generally they are stores that charge more for most items then I pay at the stores I would shop at out of pocket. So when I am doing a grocery or retail store I purchase only the limit of the reimbursement and feel I am getting about half the value out of it. So at the store I would not shop at out of pocket if I spend $5 that is a $2.50 value for me unless they are having a great sale on something I can use. Travel, even a short distance, finding a parking spot, waiting on line, looking around in a store unfamiliar to me to find my $5 item, getting back outside and driving elsewhere thru traffic after a line to get out of the lot and turn right or left takes up way too much time for a small fee.
Personally I know no one who does not already have too many key chains, fridge magnets and such.
Thanks for the reminder to stop at Aldi's today. I only get to go when I'm out shopping in a nearby town and today's the day! I really like their quinoa mixes.
Me too! Makes a great side dish for chicken. I sometimes chop up fresh spinach to stir in at the end for extra nutrition and flavor.
I make a salad from them, I make the mix according to instructions and then chill. I add cherry tomatoes, spinach, avocado, red onions, and whatever else I feel like tossing in. I make a honey lime dressing and toss it all up. So good.
I like the all in one quinoa kits, the corn chips, and the mini avocados. Not all in one dish, of course!

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I think a kale salad with other salad veggies, quinoa, and sliced avocado might be okay with some crushed tortilla chips on top, LOL!
I don't think I've seen an Aldi shop. I need to figure out who has those. I'd like to see a Lidl shop. That's where I normally go. In any case... what I really want (speaking of nutrition and nutritious food items, but OT) is to figure out how to get a Vitamix. ::drool::
I haven't seen an Aldi shop in a year or so. It's a very well-known MSC, the one who tends to deactivate shoppers when they have done too many shops, make 1 or 2 minor mistakes, or...for no reason at all.
Another MSC has Aldi as a competitor shop for $5 fee and $9 reimbursement. Totally worth it for me.
Good to know. I haven't seen any in my area for other MSCs, but it might just be a regional thing (we probably don't have the client in our area that has the competitor shops).
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