Social Verification for Sassie System

I have been having the worst luck getting social verification from all companies with the Sassie System. I've reached out multiple times and cannot find anything.. It's been well over 30 days. Also- I've worked with many of these companies years ago before I was married and changed my last name. Any suggestions? I'm not able to apply for a lot of jobs because of this and everything is absolutely correct!

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Try updating through Jobslinger and see if that works? Try using the contact info on the MSCs main website to get in touch with their representatives?
I've tried updating in Job Slinger- it just says the error has to be fixed in Sassie first. My Social is correct, I don't know what the big deal is sad smiley
Yes I can log in on all sites- I can apply to jobs on some Sassie sites, but on some Sassie sites I can not apply to jobs because it says my SS is not verified. I heard back from one scheduler who said my SSN was verified in Reality Check, so why is it not verified across the board? It's like as soon as I changed my previous name to my married name everything went South
Hi ladyteal,

Are the companies that are saying your SSN isn't verified listed in your connected companies on Jobslinger? It may be that you haven't connected the companies. I also know that you have to go into each Sassie site and change your last name as well as changing it in Jobslinger. Hopefully that helps.

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Hmmm... I'm not sure why it is giving you such a hard time for it. I believe the reason it is not across the board is because although they all use Sassie as a platform, they are all different companies with different Sassie websites.

I did have someone who had this issue before, and as strange as it sounds, it was fixed when they went to their profile and clicked the "verify address" button near the top of their profile. Maybe the two are linked somehow?
So I've changed my name in every site plus Jobslinger. Job slinger states that I have to fix Sassie first. Sassie companies state that I have to get it verified and it doesn't match my name. My name and address are correct and I believe I've verified my address in just about every one- but I will go back and check!
One SASSIE site suddenly required me to verify my SSN again and I could not get it to accept my SSN. I was using Chrome. Finally, I tried using Firefox and the SSN was verified right away.
I am finding that chrome is sort of wanky anyway loses my passwords all of the time it gets rather frustrating. I am waiting for the EU to come down on chrome for not updating the browser in the older chrome books. Not everyone can purchase new equipment every other year.
Did you actually go to the SS office and do the name change? You have to bring your recorded marriage certificate and drivers license to the Social Security office.
Yes- I've been married twice lol I know the drill. I have a new social security card, driver's license and passport with my current name on it. I've been married over 3 years now.

So here is an update- I changed my name to my previously married name and the system automatically verified it. This is not correct though because this is not my legal name. What a mess.
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