Green gas stations reserved day after day

I'm beginning to suspect that somebody is taking these, not doing them, then grabbing them up again when they fall off. Is that even possible? There's no wait time in between not doing one and reserving it again? No flake penalty? If so, that needs to change.

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I think it is possible. when I was doing some cell shops that had the same M.O. on Presto, a couple of times a shop fell off that I ran out of time to complete. I was able to pick them right back up as long as no one beat me to them. I did have some stiff competition in the area so lost one but the other I grabbed again.
I'm sure it's possible. In my area the dark audits and the other audits were constantly grey, day after day. One day I was able to grab one or two, but the same person or persons must have had them for a few weeks. I expect to see the same MO with the new, full audits. You would think they would do something about it!

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Get used to this. It’s about to become the norm once Maritz is absorbed. (Eyeroll)

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My theory is that that is what is expected to occur...saves money on schedulers if we do it for them. One could grab their 10 max, do the ones they plan to do that day, let the rest fall off add a few more, then reschedule for the next day, rinse, repeat.
That is possible. However sometimes the company itself will gray them out. They have a certain ‘quota’ that needs to get completed and once they’ve reached that limit they themselves will gray out those pins but keep them on the map. They will put as many pins as they can on the map because it doesn’t matter which pins get completed as long as the quota is reached. This is what I was told by a scheduler when I asked about a particular program via email.
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