Praises be, I finally got a 10 out of Service Sleuth's editors

A job that I do every couple weeks or so at different locations. Survey is disjointed-some of the questions that belong in one section are inexplicably parked in another, etc. If the job didn't pay so well for 2-5 mins work, that I can repeat at 16 locations every month as I wish, I would not bother. ($20 per)

I try to be very careful and detailed with my narrative for each section. I have gotten nothing but crap reviews from their hired gun editors at after 8 after 8.

Sunday, I grabbed one of these shops just to get one in for Monday.

I finally found the answer in being so sick I couldn't write much more than See Spot Run. Just type like you are talking to a kindergartener. Short sentences, 6 words or less. They loved it. Who knew?

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Of course sending $20 via Paypal isn't such a bad idea either. That's really short and to the point.....
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