IPSOS $ 100 Bonus?

I received a e-mail Thur around 4 PM for a shop with $ 100 Bonus that is due Saturday. I applied for it and around 7 PM I was assigned the shop.

However, it is still showing the same base fee. I will be in the area and I can complete the shop..

I e-mailed the scheduler before I applied but no reply back. I am not sure if he assigned the shop or the computer assigned me the shop.

If he replies back tomorrow shall I ask for the $ 100 bonus or just let it be? May be it was $ 10 but they added one extra zero.

I am plan on doing the shop tomorrow.

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Of course I'd ask about/for it!

It may be a genuine mistake, but $100 bonus is a $100 bonus! I'd definitely ask! smiling smiley
I actually saw a couple within 200 miles of me with that bonus amount. It was not a typo because the bonus was already $75 yesterday. Unfortunately they were in areas I will not be anywhere near. So, definitely pester (nicely!) for that bonus and keep the email that stated it.


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Here is the first e-mail

Hello Shoppers,

We have nicely bonused XXXX Shops available in your area! These shops require a visit to your assigned location to evaluate your experience on wait times, xxxxxxxxxxx

Shopper pay is $100 plus reimbursement for your purchase...

Please apply in our Shopmetrics Portal. We currently have shops available across all regions of the United States.

My reply


I just applied for the XXX shop for tomorrow morning and it is showing the regular pay of $ 14.

Will I still be paid $100 ?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

His Reply

I'm sorry the shop is $17. The $100 shop were from last month and stated in the advertisement sent out.

So do you think I should go hire up or just let it be..

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If they went to $100 last month they'll do it again. I'd wait for that, but that's just me. If you do it tomorrow you'll get $17 and it may have a rotation.
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So the $100 one got assigned to another shopper? Now if you get that same location assigned to you, they're going to switch the date from what you applied for because there has to be a certain many days between shops.

Just saying, I am seeing on the job board different scenarios at the same addresses for the same dates, which cannot be done. And got jammed myself when I applied for a route. One of five got assigned for a different week, two weeks away. Luckily it was local so I did it without saying anything but it was not acceptable to me. The the next time they post dates then change them, I will ask to cancel whatever does not fit my schedule. They need to be clear on their dates, as do I. A little rant. Sorry.

The locations have to be shopped twice, with so many days in between. When I got the email and looked at the board, those locations were listed twice, with one showing $100 and the other showing $17. If you applied for the $100 listing, they should not have assigned you the other. It sounds like someone may have already snatched up the $100 listing. If that was the case and you really don't want to do it for the $17, explain nicely to the scheduler what happened and you should be okay, but do it asap.
I am glad that I received a timely reply. I was going to be in the area anyway so $ 17 is no big deal. I guess I missed the $ 100 shop buy a few minutes/couple of hours

I know some companies add the bonus to the shop before the report is completed and others add it after the shop is done.

I just checked my e-mail and it still there. So hopefully I will get full pay for this
Yes, $100 bonus is correct. I received one also, but the location is almost 350 miles from me unfortunately.
I got the same email but the closest one that was "in my area" according to the email was 500 miles away. I would use the link in the email and make sure the one you apply to is from that email. I applied to and got a $25 fee for a $12 shop a few weeks ago. The same exact location was also listed on the website at the base rate. One was a leftover from August and the other was a new shop for September probably..both included the same due dates. Good luck on the $100 ones. I am seeing more and more bonuses lately. Either not enough people wanting to go inside during the virus or perhaps many like myself having my unemployment check lowered by the amt of my fee making it a wash or at the most earning $25 that week for fees that add up to close to $200
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