Technology Shop Moved from Secret Shopper to Ipsos

I used to do a fairly simple technology shop for Secret Shopper for $15 usually bonused to $20. I think naming the industry would give away the client.

It appears that in March, Ipsos is showing these shops on their job board at $18 per shop. They also have several variations, existing customer, non-customer and existing customer asking about mobile service.

Has anyone done one of the shops for Ipsos yet? How does the shop report compare.

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They are worth it if the location is close and you don't have to wait too long to talk to a person. I wouldn't drive too far or go to a busy location without a bonus.
Normally, with the old MSC, I would schedule an appointment so there was no waiting. I didn't see that you couldn't set an appointment in the old MSC shop instructions. Not sure if the new MSC prevents it.
Interesting. If I've guessed the company correctly they're still showing up on Secret Shopper in my area. Got an email about them today.

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@2stepps wrote:

I just finished 8 of them in my area.

How were they? Is the shopper pay fair?
For the amount of work, it is not bad if you can get waited on when you go in the place. If you have to wait for a while it is not worth it unless you can do something while waiting in your truck. That day while I was waiting I entered two shops that I had already finished. Saved time when I got home.
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