Seeking reasons to call over a restaurant manager to the table

I have a Coyle restaurant shop tomorrow where if a manager does not automatically come to our table, we have to request them to come over. They suggest one possible reason is asking how to host an event there. Can anyone share any other ideas that would be easy to pull off?

Shopping Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA.

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How far in advance would I need to book for a party of 20 people for (dinner/a private room/lunch) ?

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

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@walesmaven wrote:

How far in advance would I need to book for a party of 20 people for (dinner/a private room/lunch) ?

This! Or I wanted to see if you were hiring I have a son daughter friend who is looking for employment.
Having friends and family members who have various types of food sensitivities / intolerances (gluten free, onions, green peppers, etc.) I have asked who to contact about what is safe to order the next time I dine there.
Compliment them on stellar service.

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I've called the manager over to compliment my server.

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That is the part of the mystery shop that I dread the most. It does not feel natural to me, at all. Feels totally forced. I think in most cases it is a giveaway that you are the mystery shopper.

Maybe it's just where I'm from, but if you are calling/asking for a manager 95% of the time [probably more than that], it's not a good sign. It's not to "compliment the server" or "ask a question". It's to complain, complain, complain.
The ones I’ve done do not specify you have to call the manager to your table, just seek one out to ask a question. I do this on a trip to the restroom. Then I can ask any of the staff to speak to the Manager if I haven’t already figured out who they are. It’s easy to ask the Manager if they do private parties or a related question.

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Shopped a very yummy restaurant, (with a separate gelato visit next door). The regional manager of the location suddenly decided to have a very long, friendly coversation with me (over 20 mins.). I was so sure the waitress had outed me as a shopper ha ha. It was a pleasant, interesting coversation, but I sure felt like I was on stage.

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My wife and I went out to eat an few months ago at a popular restaurant. After we eat, she asked for the manager.. My wife wanted to tell the manager, that our server did an excellent job and my wife wanted the manager to know.

My wife can not have gluten and my wife was asking about gluten free options
I've asked who I could contact for a fundraising auction at my child's school, when I was actually doing fundraising. More recently, I've thought to ask about how to get a recipe.
I've been in restaurant management, never in a shopped establishment. And let me tell you, people call the manager over to ask, say the dumbest, wildest, craziest, nicest, weirdest things.
Can you get my dog water? We don't like our table? And because I'm a woman, every man ever says "you're the manager?" Yup. Give it your best shot, sir. I've hear me it allllll.
If there’s a special one of us gets we’ll say “we really liked this special and hope it becomes a permanent part of the menu.” If there is no table tap and I have to request a manager for a neutral or positive question I make sure the server knows “everything is great, I just have a quick question for the manager” so it doesn’t seem like an ominous demand.
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