Android Face Recognition task

Hi all! Has anyone done the data facial recognition tasks with an android phone. The overlay app is giving me a whole bunch of errors and I wanted to know if anyone has experienced something similar?

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I sometimes have problems with the app. The key seems to be to open the app occasionally during the day. That seems to reset it.

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There seem to be many different versions of these shops that ask you to photo yourself. I just saw one where you need to have a samsung or pixel phone which I do have. I think it has been up before but they must have not had enough people taking the shop with those 2 brands. In any case you are taking photos of yourself while walking or doing tasks. Has anyone done this shop? Is this the app this thread is referring to? It now has a nice bonus on it so if someone has done it with any phone what did you think?
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Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
As a matter of principle, I will not do these shops. These shops are research for Artificial Intelligence facial recognition software. This software will enable facial recognition anywhere there is a camera. This AI technology is part of a technocratic transhuman agenda of some smart people who believe themselves to be smarter than everyone else. I won't support that, nor the beyond meat and other junk sold as food. Alrighty then, feel much better after that little rant, lol.
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