Missing Photos on Phone

I purchased a new Samsung S20 to take better photos. I used it for the first time last week doing some gas stations. I used the SASSIE website to take the photos directly into the form. I can not find the photos anywhere on my phone. It seems as if, taking them via the website does not save the photos to your phone. Does anyone else have this issue? It is only the Sassie site, I use Shopmetrics app and it works just fine.

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This is just one of several reasons i am annoyed at them getting rid of the app. I will usually answer the questions at the location and take pictures directly and then load them later at home with wifi. If doing a number of locations, create subfolders for each location to keep the pics seperate.
cindycribbs, I am pretty sure that your photos are on your phone, but it is an unnecessarily tedious task to find out where Samsung put them. I encountered the same issue with my Samsung S9 a couple years ago, but I have forgotten which directory I found them in. The best way to find out which directory Samsung puts them into might be to connect your phone to your computer's USB port, open explorer, and do a search for the photo files.
Here 'ya go...
AZwolfman's Galaxy S9+ >Phone >Pictures

Your photos would be inside the 'Pictures' directory. There may or may not be an additional directory inside 'Pictures,' such as MobiAudit, and your photos would be inside that directory.
The pictures that I take with my Android phone, without an app, are located in a folder called DCIM.

But as mentioned above, they may be in a folder labeled with the app's name.

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If you accesss the photos from the pink color "gallery", they are not always there immediately. Try opening the photos icon in the google stuff-white background googlie color round, and you will immediately see either the photos or click on library to find it in the camera or specific app subfolder.
My apple does the same. If I take a pic with the app it does not show up in my photos.
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