Five Guys reimbursement is too low

When I worked at Burger King, I used to do a "veggie whopper jr", which was just may, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on a bun. I just used a lot of veggies, and it was pretty good.

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Peanuts are back to self-serve in my area. My husband was a little disappointed, because he'd gotten used to the more generous portion in the bag.
@kenasch wrote:

Don't forget to ask for some peanuts! Since they are no longer self serve, you have to ask. On my last two visits I was cheerfully given a more than ample amount. They are great to take home for a (healthy?) snack.

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Here's a tip (FWIW) to help ease the sting of the high cost of meals that are over the reimbursement. I only eat a few fries at the location and bring the leftovers home. I stick them in the freezer and then take out a few at a time, defrost a bit and put them in the toaster oven. They taste great and are a good addition to any meal, even breakfast.
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