Five Guys Curbside Shop but no Curbside Offered

@foodluvr wrote:

You can, but you will not be on rotation so you can't pick it up at a higher rate for dine in.
Someone had responded earlier (either here or in the generic FG thread) that it does not take you out of rotation if you submit it as closed. Not that it maters in this case, since it's not a location I am near very often.

And at least I would be saving someone from the risk of being out the cost of the food if they do not realize how these are supposed to be reported.

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I've been offered the same location for dine-in the day after reporting a closed location, so NO, it doesn't seem to take you out of rotation.

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Does anyone know if I can report it as closed right after midnight, or do I need to wait until the meal time I was supposed to do?
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