Am I the only one who finds Gigspot infuriating??

The search is horrible. It's incredibly hard to schedule a route. But I feel like I'm stuck with it because so many MSC's use it, it would take forever to check each company individually. Anyone gave pro tips for the Gigspot challenged?

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No, you are not. Many tried Gigspot and have gone back to Shopmetrics traditional interface.
I still felt like there are a lot more shopmetrics jobs I was not finding since I am sure there were quite a few that never used it. But I guess I still have surprises to look forward to once I find more hidden companies.
Are most of the shops on GigSpot available on ShopMetrics? I am also frustrated with the GigSpot interface but was led to believe that once you were on it you could not change to SM. If that is not true please advise how to make the transition. Thanks.
I'm on it now and cannot for the life of me scroll down to see anything! I keep reducing the zoom on my screen but then I can't see anything once it opens. So frustrating! Anyone else having this glitch?

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I didn't like it, but now that they're listing external shops, I'm kind of liking it. It's easier to try to build a route having access to those external shops.

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