New BP test

Has anyone else tried this test? I've been doing these for years and have confirmed every answer again in the guide, but can't seem to pass the test.

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I'm working on it.. discovered a couple mistakes i made so far. I'm going to have to watch the webinar again, because i cant find one of the answers in the guidelines.
This quiz was driving me crazy. Finally found the problem. There is a conflict between the Shopper Guide and the quiz on when the safety vest should be worn. The correct answer is in the webinar. I've notified the company.

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I still long for the days when a problem taking the quiz might come up. A phone call to Maritz for assistance was necessary. There was someone who would give you the quiz over the phone and point out and explain the reason why your answer was not correct. They always explained in great detail what the answer should be and why it should be.
I still can't get it. Got feedback from the general email after I sent them all my answers, but still can't get it. Maybe tomorrow... sigh
@Lstockwell wrote:

Which question?

I'm sure whatever it is that I am getting wrong, is not one of those things that I think is what I'm getting wrong. I can't find the transcript of the webinar. I have searched for it in Microsoft teams, on YouTube, and on Presto.

I may be having a bad day...
The seminar is on YouTube. I found a link today on the shopmetrics site under news.
@Curtzey wrote:

Finally passed! They changed the quiz to correct answers finally.

Me2 (finally)
The correct answers are definitely in the guide. Usually the problem is the questions you can select multiple answers and getting all of them. Have the guide open as you do the quiz and look at each section while you answer.
First time I have ever passed on the initial try smiling smiley

@Sehrl wrote:

Has anyone passed the new quiz?
I’ve never had this much trouble. Last Q there was a mistake in the Dark guidelines and one in the consumer. I know people have said they’ve passed, but I can’t help but think there must be another mistake. The guidelines aren’t clear about encasements, but I tried that q the only two possible correct ways. I’ll have to contact the MSC. Ugh.
98% of this webinar is for newbies! They should have had two webinars, one for newcomers and one for experienced shoppers. Her tone is too bossy, and the face of the fueling position is called a bezel, not a fascia. POP, we pronounce it Pop, not P.O.P. They offered questions that they made up and none were real questions we actually ASK! They did not cover any of the new items (to me). Then go back and watch the restroom section again. She says to check the restrooms while on the mystery shop, (but she says to check BOTH of them). My husband said somebody going to be dumb enough and try to do it and go to jail (a man checking the women's bathroom before the reveal). LOL What she should have elaborated on is the casements of the MID. Oh, yea we say Mid, not M.I.D. too.
Yay,I finally got it. With a little (or a lot) of help from my friends! I knew it was the multiple answer questions that were messing with me, they ALWAYS have. Thanks for your help guys..

F and L, In the BGB guide it calls the front of the pump "fascia" not bezel. And if you're using voice to text, if you say "pop" that is what you will get. If you say P.O.P. it will come out as POP. Just because someone doesn't do it the way you think it should be done does not make them stupid. And they say clearly to check the other restroom AFTER the reveal.

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Notme, if you look at the guide for the visual section, on page 44 there is a picture with the brick support MID, it specially mentions the encasement above that picture.

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As soon as I took the test on my laptop, I passed. I must have been making a careless error on my phone.
The wording of the encasements in the guidelines could have meant two different things (one would have been awkward wording, but not the only example of awkward wording in the document). But it was what I assumed it meant.
@Curtzey wrote:

Notme, if you look at the guide for the visual section, on page 44 there is a picture with the brick support MID, it specially mentions the encasement above that picture.
Same here. I have the guide and I compare every answer to the quite but still can’t pass!
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