PV-500 camera not recording sound

I have an unused PV-500 I bought a couple years ago but never had a chance to try out. I was testing it tonight and every video I did had no sound to it. Anyone have any suggestions as to ways to get it to work?

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Had the same problem with mine a few years ago. With mine, it was the wire. Bought a new wire and everything worked fine.

When you learn, teach, when you get, give. Maya Angelou
Turned out I needed to download the VRC video player for my computer. The video player with windows did not open the file right. I went out and bought a black shirt today so I can try the recorder.
I scrolled down to say "make sure audio is enabled in the settings..." but im too late to the party hahaha.

Related: The high failure rate of these new BU cams is infuriating! I bought a new one about four months ago. The camera started failing within two weeks (broken wire, of course). My project manager sent me a loaner with a simple tweak to prevent "Lawmate Broken Wire Syndrome." They molded a tube of epoxy putty from the base of the connector (overlapping it just a bit) then up the cord four or five inches. No more bending at the stress point, much less risk of broken wires.
2me - that's what I thought at first. But my camera provider told me just to get a new wire and try that out first. Glad it worked. It was a lot cheaper than a new camera.
@mystery2me wrote:

Same here. The wire is bad. Have to get a new camera or find someone who repairs them.

When you learn, teach, when you get, give. Maya Angelou
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