Is anyone else having troble with CORI's site? Three times when clicked to log in it said the page could not be displayed. I finally was able to log in, sumbitted my report and did not get the confirmation #. There was just some information, but no comfirmation #. I went to "my jobs" and it was still there as if I had never arttempted to fill out my report. I redid my report, repeated the process and the same thing happened. I know I'm doing everything coreectly; this is the 14th report I am submitting for their home improvement / retail shops within the last 2 months. I have a very high score with them, and I would really appreciate anyone else's input in case I have a problem with them tomorrow when I call them about my two reports that are now past due. THANKS!!!

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They have been having a bit of website trouble this morning. Try it now. I just got thru and submitted a report...winking smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
Thanks, mrcomputer! I'm not going to try again right now. I'm too aggrivated to do it right now, but really appreciate your quick reply!
No Problem. I understand. It frustrated me to complete the report, hit submit, and have it time out and vanish...;P

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
FINALLY after the third time it went through O.K. I didn't even have to look at my notes - I had all 6 people's name and interactions memorized!
If you are using Firefox you will have problems submitting! Usually it bombs out with some error while you are trying to submit. They hit me with an email last evening about not getting the entire submission I had done with no errors around noon saying I was required to use IE per my original contract (like I really review the agreement every time I submit a survey to all the companies I work), and if I did not resubmit using IE I would lose my commission.

The first time they refuse to pay me for my work because their programmers aren't competent enough to be compatible with Firefox will be the last time! If they can detect that I used Firefox to send me the email they can at least tell me about it when I am trying to submit, not wait till I have finished and then threaten to not pay me. At the very least they could put a reminder on the submission page not to use Firefox along with their dire warnings about cheating.

Not only that, they want you to use a very old version of IE.
Kim, don't sweat it being "late." They won't ding you for it.

While the site only works with IE, I've never noticed anything about using an older version. My IE9 works just fine. My browser of choice is now Google Chrome and sometimes I forget to switch. With CoRI's site I can only get past receipt submission before the report starts acting up which then reminds me to switch.

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You only see the 'old version of IE question' when you try to contact them with the problem. It lets you explain the problem then asks a list of questions; one of them being what version of IE are you using and why are you not using (I don't remember the version they want you to use, but it is quite old). Usually (unfortunately I have not figured out how to remember not to use Firefox) I see the problem while I am trying to submit also but this last time it allowed me to go all the way through without any warning. Perhaps because this shop did not require photos? For the amount of the commission, it was not really worth my time the first time I submitted, much less having to do it all over again. Telling me I had to resubmit it in by midnight was adding insult to injury. What if I had not seen the email until morning?
And for some bizarre reason, I have more trouble reporting with IE on their site than either firefox or safari. It always bombs on me with IE. If I have trouble they tell me to use IE, so will go there before reporting the difficulty.
I have reported to CoRI using IE7, FF2, FF3 and Opera. I've had two reports "bounce"; one was in IE7, one was in FF2.
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