Kudos to the GREAT editors at Coyle

Lately there seem to be a slew of posts about rude, arrogant, self-absorbed, and just plain nasty editors. I'd like to thank the editors at Coyle for being none of the above.

Coyle's editors are tougher than most, but they're also reasonable. They are consistently intelligent, polite, professional, understanding, and kind. Thank you, Coyle, for spending a few extra bucks to hire the best!

(No brown-nosing; they have no clue who I am. Just someone who appreciates them more every time I run into their opposites.)

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I have had a great experience with Coyle's editors, support staff, and schedulers. I only mystery shop as a hobby and have opted for the time being to only work for Coyle, mainly because they are so simple to deal with!
I performed my first evaluation for Coyle recently and found the editors to be very professional and understanding. Knowing it was my first evaluation with them they worked with me to make the report what it should be.
I evaluate hotels for Regal and Coyle. I may limit my work to just Coyle. As others noted, while Coyle's shops are not easy, editors are great. They treat evaluators as professionals. I prefer them over Regal because: Regal expects cash for most payments at outlets reviewed, and that can amount to several hundred dollars out of pocket, and it typically takes Regal from a month to 90 days to reimburse, while Coyle typically wants charges at outlets to be charged to the room, then reverses those charges, usually within a week or two and they pay their shoppers' fees quickly, too; Regal seems eager to find flaws in shoppers' reports and reduce their pay because of them; Regal reports are due at 8:30 AM on the day after checking out, while Coyle usually allows at least 32 hours after the shop for report submittal; Regal editors expect almost instant response to any follow up questions, while Coyle allows a more realistic time frame; finally, Regal requires reports to be written in third person, e.g., "The guest gave the bellman his/her claim ticket and he got his/her bags right away" rather than "I gave the bellman my claim ticket and he got my bags right away."
Interesting comments. The worst shopping experience I ever had was with Coyle, Although a recent one with Peak Performance probably trumps that one. I did a restaurant shop that was 40 miles away one way. I spent just a little over the allowable rate which was $80.00 for food and had the gas and mileage cost of 80 miles round trip to this really remote restaurant that Coyle was having a hard time finding shoppers for, and of course that travel money wasn't reimbursable but there was a $30.00 pay as my truck gets 11 miles a gallon on the 2 lane roads I had to drive to get to restaurant that ate into my profit. I came back that night and filled in my report which had 175 narrative questions to deal with and then 175 form to fill in making it 350 items I had to attend to...Like a good kid I did it all very promptly- it was a holiday weekend, Labor Day I think I remember so that was already a problem. After filling in the entire form, I saved it and went to check on it and it hadn't saved, thinking I did something wrong I did it again, and again, and again. Coyle didn't respond to my emails except to send me nasty ones telling me my report was time sensitive, emails to tech support were also ignored. Maybe this happened because it was a weekend or maybe because it was a holiday weekend, in the meantime I keep emailing Coyle who is still not responding except with separate emails continuing to tell me this is a time sensitive document- 13 Submissions later where I spent the bulk of an entire weekend working on it someone at Coyle tech support finally figured out the problem and fixed it. In the meantime I had so many nasty notes form Coyle telling me that I was not doing this in a timely fashion making me a little crazy. I had to give up other shopping jobs because I couldn't afford to lose the $80.00 reimbursement+$30.00 pay. Never one word from Coyle apologizing or offering me any extra money. I said never again would I work for Coyle and I never have since that day.
One reason you are seeing positive posts on this thread, this section is designed strictly for giving kudos to companies or schedulers who have gone above and beyond for us. There is another section for discussing mystery shopping companies, the good and the bad.

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Coyle is another great company to work for. Yes, those in this post indicate the editors are strict but if you look at the type of assignments they have they are well paying, higher end and require a great deal of detail. I try to look for their assignments first each month.
I am curious about some of those high end shops. I don't think that I would be able to enjoy any part of them because I would be so intent on taking notes and remembering things. They are intense, yes?
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