Kudos to DJC - Fast Fast FAST Pay!

Big kudos to DJC. Not only might they be the nicest guys in my MS neighborhood, they have the fastest pay around. On Wednesday, 3/23 (yes, 2 days ago!) I did a lunch shop. I reported it around 6PM that evening. I got paid by PayPal today, the 25th! Kudos and thank you!

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Wow. That is my kind of MSC. I wish they had some jobs in my area.

proudly shopping in the D.
Ditto on the fast pay! Jeff and Nick are great schedulers and great guys! Pay is not super-high but the shops are well-explained and not difficult and the reports are reasonable. The reports are quickly graded and pay never takes longer than a week!

Why Oh Why doesn't a company like this get a LOT MORE SHOPS in my area?
Definitely a great company!

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Jeff is the best, and yes, the quick pay is something all Msc's should put into effect.

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I started with DJC last month. Fast pay, no-nonsense reports, easy to work with schedulers. Thanks Jeff and Nick. I can hardly wait for more assignments.

Shopping SoCal and Maui.
I have been with this company for awhile and they never seem to have any jobs available in the entire USA or Canada. I have done both searches.
Yesterday I did their one client here, and after submitting report, got a glowing email from Nick thanking me and saying how much they appreciate shoppers like myself. We wrote back and forth....that's what makes Msing (for me) worthwhile. Respect and appreciation for what we do for such a small amount of pay...oh, I did enjoy the burger. My wish is other MSC's take heed, just treat us with respect, after all, we are your bread and butter.

edited to add...I usually get paid in 2 days.

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Same here. They never have jobs in my area. I also did a search for the whole US and Canada, and came up empty. Hopefully, they'll have more shops and have some in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Shopping central/southern NJ and eastern PA
Great company, they contact me a lot to do some shops. Very cool guys, they treat you like your a real person.

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