North Fork Research is awesome!!!

An hour after submitting two shop reports to North Fork Research, both had been reviewed and I received thank you emails. Does not get much faster than that! Thank you North Fork!

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I just started working with them and I have found them very refreshing and easy to work with. Mamx44 I am glad you had a awesome experience.
I have also done several shops for them and they are very easy to work with. They are fast and appreciative.
I've had one of my highest paid assignments due to a bonus, wish I could do more for them!

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Thanks to NorthFork, I pretty much got free shoes to wear to a wedding this year. Thanks, North Fork.
I LOVE ICCDS!!! I've been shopping for years and have never had a report rejected. I usually get quick responses to my emails, and my reports are usually reviewed/accepted in a timely manner. I only wish there were more shops in my area. I would LOVE to shop for ICCDS exclusively!
Yes, Claudia at North Fork is great too! They respond to my emails during business hours right away and always have a resolution. I told her there was a discrepancy that didn't match the guidelines to the shop info and she got it fixed. They rock! Plus I told her I could get two shops done and asked for a higher bonus and she agreed!
They dont have too many shops in my area but yes they are always easy to work with and pay fairly quickly.

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