Overdue applause for Liza, Alex and Alina at Regal

Great Team! Super fast text and email reply time. Easy to follow/clear cut instructions and clarifications. Useful editorial feedback. Thanks guys, I mean, gals!

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They really are a great company to work for. Very fair. The jobs are exactly what I expect hotel jobs to be. Not too simple, not overly complicated. They have a good system for new shoppers to start out on lower-tier hotels and work your way up.
THey also have like a million jobs. I'm fairly certain that, with a high enough credit limit, you could sell your house and travel the world working for them.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Thank you. All of us at Regal really appreciate you and the work you do for us!

Alexandra Freeman
Regal Hospitality Group
Alex and Liza seem to have the ability to put up with me and my screw ups. They're obviously great.

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