Heather at Intellishop, Thank you!

Intellishop does have a reputation here but I wanted to give a shout out to Heather. I recently did a pizza shop and followed the guidelines to the letter - and received feedback that I'd made several errors! After a couple days of emailing with her she allowed me to submit additional photos directly to her, pushing the shop through! I hope they make clear with their editors to read the guidelines as thoroughly as we do. Getting that first correction request email was quite a shock!
smiling smiley

This is my first time posting on this website, but I just had to throw this out there.

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They said that I was required to post the labels on the side of the box, despite the guidelines stating that either the printed receipt or the labels were acceptable. Then closed the submission form while I was in contact with Heather so I could not re-upload.
Heather is so helpful. Yea, I think the editors are used to getting the two stickers from the box.
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