Elise At About Face

I love doing shops with Elise at About Face. She has always been understanding to my situations and today proved it all. I missed a shop due to an emergency and I removed it from my log in the rush just to allow her to perhaps find another shopper to fill it. I got a text from her today and she worked with me to get me reassigned to the shop and to set up the needed appointments to complete the shop.

She was amazing and caring and it really made my day that she still considered me even after what happened.

I have worked with her on many projects and she really stands out for her communication and understanding.

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I've never dealt with Elise but I got a nice email the other day from Darcey about missed payments. She apologized for the missing payments and mentioned she had just taken over that job. I thought it was upstanding that she apologized even though it wasn't her fault for the current situation, and overall the email had a pleasant tone so she must be that way in person also.

I haven't heard of this company. They sounds pretty awesome.

Trying to learn from all of these rockstars.
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