movie measure - kudos and compliments

We tend to only ever give feedback when it is negative, but I wanted to say thank you to Clarissa at moviemeasure. She has been so professional in getting me set up and ready. I had a few questions about the app, and she got one of the founders to help me. I've now done a few checks and all is good! thank you!!

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Clarissa has been a champion for me and I love how Movie Measure works. It is the easiest (once you remember that it is all done through the app) shop I have ever performed. No time after writing reports or trying to read manager's signatures. This is a great company.
Thanks @Borgstrash
We really appreciate that feedback. We have more improvements to make, but it is great to read that you appreciate the designs we have made to try to make it an easy shop. Please spread the word!
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