Returning shopper-lots of kudos to KSSMackensie, Movie Measure and Kate Rattner!

Preface: I’ve been a shopper for about 12 years, but took a hiatus because my full-time career became too demanding for me to have room for MSing. Now, things have changed, priorities are being re-evaluated, and I’m mostly bossing myself around. It’s...refreshing.

Anyway, my point. Long time lurker, never a poster. But I’ve been meaning to give credit where it’s due. First, I can’t give enough praise to KSSMackensie for having taken a chance on me after my long absence to assign me a really nice shop for Confidential Consumer. I’ve loved all the shops I’ve done for them. Thank you, Mackensie! As an aside, I know that fancy food shops tend to be controversial on these forums. Living in NYC, my guy and I cook at home a lot (when I was single, I was the epitome of sad microwave meals). Going out for a nice lunch or dinner with a bottle of wine sets us back a lot. I see it like this: if I can do it as a shop, I keep my writing skills sharp and we get a fun time out for the cost of a delivery from Seamless.

Also, so many thanks to the great people at Movie Measure. I remember hearing about trailer checks when I first started MSing, and they sounded like some secret ritual. I received an email from Movie Measure about some checks in my area, and I really appreciated the way Kiesha, one of the staffers, and Rakesh, the founder, kept in close contact with me and pretty much walked me through my first trailer check experience this weekend.

More kudos to Kate Rattner and her assistance to me on behalf of a shop I’m performing for Coyle tomorrow (my first!). I had some last-minute questions for her, and she was super-quick on the response. I’m nervous, but she provided me with a lot of tips and resources.

Thank you all so very much—also, thanks to everyone on this forum for all your guidance (and wit/humor/snark smiling smiley) over the years. I hope to contribute more!


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I know this was posted a while ago but just wanted to thank you so much for your kind sentiments. Sometimes the scheduling job can be grueling so it is always nice to be appreciated!

Thank you!

Kate Rattner, Mystery Shop Scheduler

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