Amy Stiffler: SeeLevel HX Scheduler

I self-assigned a bonused shop. The SASSIE assignment email listed Amy as the scheduler. So, when I received a shop cancellation notice, I emailed Amy to ask why the shop was cancelled. When I had not received a reply after several days, I emailed Amy again.

It turned out Amy was not the scheduler for the shop. (I do not know why her name and email were on the shop assignment and cancellation emails.) In spite of not being the scheduler for the shop, she went out of her way to help me. As a result, I was able to complete the bonused shop.

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Oh, yes, head and shoulders above the typical scheduler! I worked with her for years, and miss her -- I'm really, really glad to see her back, though with a different MSC.
Amy is now working for AboutFace Corp! Feel free to take any of Amy's shops! I'll make sure she sees this, too. smiling smiley
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