Where's the "kudos" thread? shout out to Jennifer LaClair, SeeLevel

This is a long story, made short, because keyboarding is nigh impossible for me now.

Bonused ff shop, dine in lunch. Guidelines clearly state if dining room closed, do NOT complete the shop, just submit photo proof of closure.

Shop is 135 miles from home.

Dine-in is closed. Drive thru is open, but guidelines say no.

Send Jennifer an e-mail, "I drove 135 miles to get here and I REALLY need to get paid for this shop!"

Sitting in the parking lot, I completed the report and submitted it for a closed location. Not cheerfully, let me tell ya!

Phone rings. It's Jennifer!

She cancels the shop and reassigns it as a drive thru! Even though I am now outside the allowed time for the shop window.

Truly above and beyond.

Thanks, Jennifer LaClaire at SeeLevelHX.

(And this is EXACTLY why I believe shoppers should build relationships with schedulers. If you are a consistently reliable shopper, they know it!)

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I always loved working with her when she was at ACL and was sad to see her go (and they then restructured how they used schedulers)
You all are amazing (and going to get me all teary-eyed)! I appreciate the kind words! <3
@PiggyBooboo You rock!! Thanks for caring about your shoppers and I should check out SeeLevel and see if it fits my shopping habits!
There may not be any shops in your area right now, but check back often They seem to appear every 2-3 weeks
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