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I like that stuff too. But we have no place to keep it. We've been hauling around a set for a lot of years that we've been unable to display. I don't know what we'll do with it in the end.

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.

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Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws and how is that doing for them? People need to understand, in my opinion, the good guys would surrender their guns if it was the law but do you think gangs would? If you do I have a bridge I would like to sell you
The title of this thread is...GOOD NEWS, so keeping on point, today will be breakfast at Mimi's, shopping for fun, planning trip, nothing heavy, just an easy day...stress free yes, that's good news.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.....

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On multiple tangential points leading to assorted interpretations of good news: It is good news that posters have differing ideas and post about them here. So, it was good to find out that Irene is having a fun and easy day and preparing for her upcoming trip whilst another poster is thinking (always a good thing) about an issue as it occurs in another city. It's all good. imho.

In my non-shopping world, one job is improving. Communication is good and clear regarding new business and several entities. Huzzah! The person who drives this new clarity is perfect for the job. They are bringing about actual communications, and it is helpful for other people as well as for us.

..get up early. It's the best part of the day.. - George Allen, Sr.
FYI, Chicago has had some gun buybacks that have yielded results, I think a combo of cash and gift cards and no questions asked. I am not sure anymore when the last one was. The neighboring states with few restrictions make it easy to pick up guns cheap and sell them in private sales on the street. Some gun runners pick up guns in states farther away. There have been stings. There is followup after a crime and they trace what they can. Sometimes there are holes due to private transactions.
This is one recent story.

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My good news is that I had to find a new primary care doctor, since I turned 65. Medicare requires one, and the one I had does not work with Medicare. Well, this past week I found one who I believe will be a GREAT fit for me!! It is no easy thing to switch doctors after 25 years, but I believe I was led to this one, after much research.....I'm happy about that!!!

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Oh, I'm in Texas and it's Beto O'Roarke All.The.Way! He's young, smart, has great ideas, is doing only a grass roots campaign - not accepting PAC money, was in a punk rock band. In other words, he normal and I really hope he gets to represent the Great State of Texas in the US Senate!
Excuse me...I thought no politics... i know Iwas shot down because i mentioned my cousin, Senator Dianne Feinstein. Just tying to get the rules straight for all of us.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.....
I too am confused on the rules in general on the forum. Up until recently I was passive, trying to follow half of what was being said. I was compelled to comment in response to some postings recently to offer a nuanced view to some things here. I see the world often in shades of grey, though not necessarily the 50 shades of. Kind of goes with my high index myopia I guess. What facial features? I say to someone standing five feet away from me pre-Lasik.

That being said, I have always tried to explain to my kids why I can't tolerate intolerance. If posters feel passionate about civic engagement, I think that is a good thing to celebrate. I do not have to agree.

But, the good news here today...

After going to sleep Sunday with a dusting of snow, only to wake up yesterday to more snow...the kind that sticks, and walking in and out of visits to...yep, more snow flurries, and a hard frost on the windows today for school drop offs....

SPRING IS HERE!!! It may be I suspect an unseasonably cool temperature at 42 degrees, but it is an improvement. For the winter that won't quite end, with only one good snowstorm and not a lot of accumulation this year, I will take it. I love the four seasons, but time for the overnight frosts to end already.
CABZmom, I think in the past many times it got overly heated and unpleasant, as some people are not just passionate about their political views, they get downright nasty about it. I tend to tease people who get heated about their political views and that doesn't go over well either, LOL. I admit I have engaged a few nasty posters who attacked others in the forum and it got pretty ugly, with lots of moderating going on and yeah, I got deleted, too. But I maintained a joking attitude about it and you know how some people are about that, LOL.

As far as what Irene said previously, she has a cousin in politics who has made a wonderful career and Irene is proud of her. Nothing wrong with that. It was misconstrued and she was given a hard time about it. So, I guess it might be best if we just find another outlet for political disagreements so we don't create additional work for the mods who volunteer their time here.
JASFLALMT, I totally agree. Before it did get misconstrued. In the process it got unnecessarily rough.
Even if by some of my responses it might seem all I cared about was the political side, that is not so. My only intent was to get people to pause for a moment. Or in the case of my Chicago response the other day, it was about tweaking perceptions of this city, rightly earned or not.
Sometimes things look too simple from the outside. Wasn't it Paul Harvey who used to offer the rest of the story? Old syndicated radio personality, he was on CBS radio here for years.
But general elections are my Super Bowl. In WI, Bryce will give Ryan a run for his money unless he retires, just like O'Roarke could with Cruz in TX. I think I have my match ups right. It will be an interesting November...
Regardless of my leanings, it is all good. And in the absence of any other TX shoppers posting when things were more heated earlier, I think competitive TX races will sharpen the debates for the good of all.
Oh this was nothing, I was referring to a shitstorm that occurred last year, not sure if you were around to witness it or not. it was something else, and it all started from a joke about the POTUS. It was a really funny joke, too.
Wow. Missed it. But how should I search it? What thread and what month?
And we are now at 44 degrees and rising!!! And my 10 year old wont stop playing wall ball. Soccer practice in an hour. At least he should sleep tonight.
This occurred a few days before the solar eclipse.

Here is the link in all it's former (and moderated) glory:

My good news is that the leak in our roof that has produced a yellowish, damp, 4-5" circle on the ceiling above the tub in our small bathroom was looked at yesterday. Apparently, the sealant had loosed around the vent pipe after 17.5 years, right where the leak was showing! So the roofing guy re-caulked it and tamped it down. Said our 20 year roof looks like it still has several good years on it yet....great news!! No charge for the re-caulking, either, since there is still 2.5 yrs left on the warranty. WOO-HOO!! All is good!
Today, I was forced to meet my friend in the lobby of my condo without my walker. I did not hold on to the walls and found I could really walk naturally without the aid of a cane or walker. To think that just last week I thought I would never be able to walk without any assisted device and I was really in the brink of frustration.

That made my day because my surgeon told me last week to go swimming and I could not picture myself going to the pool from the showers in my walker. winking smiley I just lacked any balance without any device. Now, I have confidence. Here I come world!
WOW Risinghoizon that's really great!!!!!

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
That's a definite game changer risinghorizon. Very happy for you.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all your kind thoughts and encouraging words. You will never know why days like these make me cling to more hope. There were times when I resented or was offended by some people who I felt were treating me as if my accident last year injured not my hips but my brain. Now, not only can I walk but I am no longer too sensitive. I think. winking smiley

Sassymmmm, that was exactly how I felt... Wow! I was blessed with a miracle.

Cjbstar, yap, hopefully I am back to real mystery shopping.

Irene, I was waiting for this for a long, long, eternity---over 8 months.

We have freezing rain and very awful winter weather here in Toronto. But the good news is my orchid does not seem to notice that spring has not arrived. It has been blooming and now has 7 beautiful flowers. Yes, 7! I think that is a lucky number. And I have never grown orchid before. I did not know how to take care of it. It just bloomed and bloomed since I brought it back from the hospital.
Good news? Well for me some days, the good news is that I wake up and my BO is accepted by a certain MS company (which offers those kinda things on their site).

Good both that I wake up (CPAP machine helps assist in that department)... AND... the BO is accepted. Lol

Edit: Proofread this post and realized that BO could not only be taken political (via the former POTUS), but also assumed that I meant my "Body Odor" was acceptable to a mystery shop company (I've filled out those nosy "personal" details sections with 1000 MS companies and never once did they care about my body odor ... UNTIL NOW!).

In this case, BO= Best Offer. Lol
Tim, Body Odor is exactly what I thought you meant. lol

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
I have Good News...

On Thursday, I was shopping in a big box store (personal shopping, not MS). I walk with a cane and because it was evening after I'd had a physically demanding day, I was using one of their electric carts and had my 21 pound service dog on my lap. When I finished shopping, I let my dog into the car, then I loaded my purchases into the back seat. I left the electric cart by the handicapped parking for the next disabled person to use. When I got home and gathered things to take into the house, I discovered that I didn't have my purse or water bottle. TOTAL PANIC!!! Then I prayed.

I called the store, and they told me my purse had been turned in. WHEW!!! When I got there, I was told a man had seen my purse in the electric cart in the parking lot. He tried to wave me down but couldn't catch my attention before I drove off. He immediately turned my purse and water bottle in to the customer service counter. MY STUFF WAS ALL THERE, UNDISTURBED. The customer service rep said she knew the man but didn't want to give me his name without permission. I dug a little and found out she knew him because he does a lot of volunteer work with young people and has gotten material donations from the store for some of their projects.

THERE ARE STILL SOME GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, and I am truly blessed that one of those good people saw my purse and turned it in.
@LizRich wrote:

I have Good News...

THERE ARE STILL SOME GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, and I am truly blessed that one of those good people saw my purse and turned it in.

What a happy experience! Thanks for sharing it! I am starting work with a smile on my face and I just told my co-workers at the coffee machine. They're all smiling, too.
Same here. I really thought that was what you were referring to and I did not understand why. lol
My good news today is that I got to spend about 2.5 hrs with my friend over lunch. It's a once-a-month thing for us, and we take turns at what restaurant we will meet for lunch. But we've been doing this for several years now, and it's just nice to stay in touch with a close friend this way.
guysmom...I agree, I have a best friend (35yrs), and love when we get together, so tomorrow I'm calling and making a lunch date. We go to lunch together a couple times a month and our B-days are the same week...yes it's so nice to have a few hours, re-hash and catch up. Spending time with one who understands and knows you is the best.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.....
I just heard from my daughter that my oldest grandson won 3rd place in his school's science fair. I'm such a proud grandma smiling smiley

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
@sassymmmm wrote:

I just heard from my daughter that my oldest grandson won 3rd place in his school's science fair. I'm such a proud grandma smiling smiley[/quote
Happy time.....smiling smiley

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.....
The good news is: good jobs are coming in with great pay in my town...100.00 for a dealership, 65.00 bank job and so on.....I haven't had to ask.....

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.....
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