If we answered questions like some schedulers...

My pet peeve is schedulers who answer crucial questions (like conflicting instructions) with non-sequiteurs. If I answered their questions in the same way, it might go something like this...

Q: Ok, so what time did you get in line?
A: Yes, there was a clock on the wall.

Q: Ok, but what time did it read?
A: The line timings were long due to a cheerleading squad entering just before me.

Q: Let me try again. Did you note the time when you entered the line, and if so what was that time?
A: Yes

Q:And the time?
A: 15 minutes?

Q: No, the time on the clock
A: Yes, it was

Of course, if we did that, we would get a rejected report and no pay. It fun to contemplate, though.

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For real. Some of these companies need to be shopped.

I feel so much for schedulers and editors who have to deal with difficult shoppers. Some of them lose my sympathy too fast.
Yep. I once went back and forth with a scheduler trying to clarify the reimbursement for a bar shop (not integrity, but the restaurant is also shopped). She would always end up telling me the reimbursement for two guests, but I was planning to go alone. At least, when I got paid, it was the reimbursement she had told me. I guess no one switched it to a solo shop.
One time I was doing a restaurant shop and ordered a decaf coffee. The editor wrote back and asked, "What did the coffee taste like"? I said, "coffee"
I would have equated it to the nearest brand I can brew at home. I like Folders and Maxwell House just fine but I really like Nabob. I don't like Starbucks. So I would use those as a spectrum. If they wanted me to describe it like a critic describing wine, they aren't going to get it.
I believe that the problem with the schedulers is that they themselves have NEVER done any form of mystery shop, They cannot answer your questions because they do not understand the job.
Most of them are hired to just schedule and many do not have knowledge of any of the guidelines required for the different shops they are offering.

Shopping Southern Georgia, Valdosta, Waycross, Quitman, Thomasville and North Central Florida I-10 & I-75.
True, but I was referring more to the fact that some schedulers give answers that don't have anything to do with the question asked. Repeatedly.
I recently tried to do a bank and the address given was not shown. New strip malls with no address and mixed numbers, so how long do I drive around (1/2 hour), and called to be told, NO, you cannot call for address, client does not want phone calls, fine, then you do it, and I cancelled.

Live consciously....
I’ve done one several time and in big bold highlights it says to call AT LEAST 3 days in advance but the instructions say UP TO 3 days in advance. I didn’t get a valid answer when I asked. I called when it was good for me. :-)
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