Phone farming?

Anyone know about this? I've been watching YT videos and in the search to produce more income (giftcards, paypal even bitcoin) and seriously considering this since I have a few older devices lying around. Phones, tablets etc

I would like to generate a passive income that I might need to tweek once in a while or while I'm home not making any money.

I know MS like Rewardable has been used to generate income for watching vids.

I'm being realistic as I want to generate 50-200/month as this seems the most obtainable as a newbie.

I have fast internet 300 and also already have about 3 devices ready to go. If anyone does this in additional to MS would love to know!



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I have done something similar before but it just wasn't worth the time. Even on "autopilot" there is interaction required periodically. My time is worth money.
Phone farming is a method utilized to create passive income by exploiting a mobile incentive program using multiple phones to perform the same action simultaneously. It usually involves exploiting paid-to-watch apps or other incentive based programs over dozens of phones in order to increase the total amount earned.

Instagc, inboxdollars, and swagbucks both pay for videos. Its $0.01 for every 15 min. I believe of the three instagc is the best.

$0.12 an hour x 24 is 2.64 a day x 30 is $70 a month. They are not 100% reliable though and you will have to factor in the added electricity cost

I can give you my referral link if you want or you can use google.

Look up bitcoin faucets as well they may pay more

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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I was picturing a field of tiny phone seeds, planted in fertile soil, growing bigger in the sunshine. Then getting harvested when ripe.
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