Should I cancel or reschedule?

No, my credit is trashed. But you're right, it can't be trashed any worse.

I am attempting to repay the friends and family who supported me while I could not work.

I try to pay each person I owe $25 a month.

When I was in Salt Lake City with my daughter for 8 months, no one was living in my house. I unplugged EVERYTHING before I left (emptied fridge & freezer, gave the food away, etc.).

My electric bill continued to be $123 a month.

NPPD may have very low rates per KWH, but what their website doesn't say is that there is a basic, immutable charge of $80 a month to rural customers to pay for "infrastructure". So even if you use 2 KWH in a month, you'll pay $80. Which makes it $40 a KWH -- possibly the highest rate in the country, LOL!!!!

And yes, I freeze in the winter. I got up one morning last winter, and it was so bitterly cold outside that even with the furnace set at 55, the house was at 46 degrees. I just put on about 5 layers of sweats, heavy socks, etc.

smiling smiley

Right now, the friend who drove 100 miles each way to pick me up Saturday is taking me to complete the shops I had scheduled for this month. She is as poor as I am.

I am, of course, paying for the gas.

I don't think that's fair.

I'm thinking I should pay the gas, and give her 50% of what I make.

Do you'all think that's fair? Or something more, or less?

She's doing all the driving, which is absolutely exhausting.

She refused any money at all for the 18 hour day Tuesday, but she did complete $100 in shops. She's taking me on another route today, but we could only find about $30 in shops she can do. I'll be completing about $250 in shops. I'm paying the gas, of course, but I'm thinking I should also give her at least $100 -- it'll be 8 hours of driving.

If she's going to continue to do this until I can accumulate enough money for a car (fat chance!), what do you think is fair? I hate to say, like, "I'll pay you $10 an hour for driving me, plus pay the expenses", because then, in effect, I'll be employing her. Neither of us wants that!

And, of course, I have to confine myself to more profitable routes, so there's something for each of us.

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There is something for each of you. Very nice! smiling smiley

Instead of feeling like employer/employee, why not barter some services? Can you cook something? Provide road trip food (just in case no one has time for a food shop)? Clean something? Pay a few bucks to wash the car instead of paying her what feels like a paycheck?

I refuse to let my hubby pay me back 100% of the money he has owed me for many years. He has done a wonderful job of paying back a little of the money, and he has helped or contributed in other ways. Some people think I should make him pay every cent. I think it is enough for him to pay some of the amount in money and to contribute in various ways. There is an actual cut-off date for his final payment. I am relieved! (Do I need a wad of bucks, or do I need someone to manhandle the new bookcase so that my precious bound darlings will have a safe and clean place to live? I win. Books win. Everyone wins.)

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I can't quite fathom borrowing money from my partner or he from me. I would just ask if I can have it and he would do the same, if he needed it. What's mine is his and vice versa.
That is a good way, too.

The first step on the way to victory is to recognize the enemy. - Corrie Ten Boom
We have met the enemy and he is us, - Pogo
Cease..As much as you want to pay your friend 100 .I simply think you cannot afford it right now. I think your friend understands that. Although speaking as a female..listen to her cues in a month or so from now to see if she really wanted you to pay here more than already agreed. Your friend also might enjoy driving, like I do and probably doesnt mind the driving. I would consider also stopping a couple of times to do something fun just so it doesnt feel like work all of the time. It doesnt have to be anything fancy or expensive; just something to break up the monotony...also Im sure your aware of this but many mscs offer food reimbursement..just off the top of my head
Seelevel, marketforce and intellishop, customer impact, and reality check.
Both marketforce and maritz have gas shops..if you havent already you should sign up for those shops along the way since you have to eat and gas up anyway.

If you dont mind bank shops..Ipsos has some and so does KSS relatively easy reports with KSS

Of course you probably know all of this already but you never know

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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cease, the next time you do a bank shop, inquire about a secured credit card. This way, you can put your reimbursed purchases on the card and not come out of pocket.

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Hey USPS shoppers, every so often I see posts looking for zip code buddies. Well, instead of sending a bag of rice back and forth, perhaps consider sending an item of support to ceasesmith?

Unfortunately, these are never available to me. Believe me, whenever I have to go to the post office, I would gladly do a shop without a fee just to get the thing mailed that often costs less than the postage.
cease, how are you doing?

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
My friend who took me shopping and insisted she would not accept pay for it, did accept pay. I paid all expenses, totalled what I made, and paid her half of the profit. She accepted it. I have enough coming in for October to make it through the month. After that, prospects are somewhat worse than dismal.

I am attempting alternatives.

Thanks for asking.

I have received care packages! And I thank each and every sender. For those with return addresses, I have sent thank you's. Unfortunately, most do not have return addresses. I have food for all of October! I no longer need car insurance, so that's something. I will contact an organization about my electric bill (it's currently at $300, and I mailed a check for $100, so I still owe close to $200).
If you wanna move to the southeast we just had 2 apartments open up lol.

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That's really weird, whenever I mail packages, I always put a return address on it. Anytime I have not put a return address on letters or packages and tried to mail them, the post office refused to send it.
cease, when I bought my house, the HVAC system was bad. It did not come up during the inspection. My electric bill for January was over $400. I contacted the electric company and was able to make payment arrangements to spread that bill out over 6 month. I did the same thing with the February bill. I paid weekly.

I got my home warranty in March, and got my heat pump fixed in April. My bill is now just over $100. I paid off the past due amount from the payment arrangements in May. The weekly payments made it reasonable.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Yeah, but if the electric bill is in your landlord's name, I don't know if you will be able to get help from an organization. I think you would have to have the electric bill in your name. Or did that change and the bill is now in your name again? Do you send the check to the electric company or to your landlord?

@ceasesmith wrote:

I will contact an organization about my electric bill (it's currently at $300, and I mailed a check for $100, so I still owe close to $200).
Not to get into a bidding war with bgriffin or anything... but you could migrate over here. It is cold in the winter, but there is assistance for heat bills. And, you are welcome to use free transportation around town (University buses) or the transpo from the senior center that costs I think, a buck per trip. The senior center provides meals and services. There is housing assistance, too. We have designated senior housing and there are other lower cost places for persons of all ages. Can you say, ceasesmith could be pampered, work, and play? grinning smiley

The first step on the way to victory is to recognize the enemy. - Corrie Ten Boom
We have met the enemy and he is us, - Pogo
The owner needs to sign up for assistance for water or heating mentioned you sent in a check for 100.00, don't you pay the owner if his name is on the bill? We have a transportation system that allows seniors to ride for free, and yes, senior centers everywhere can be picked up for a dollar, just picked up 2 packages at .99 store, quite beautiful and one can't expect help from friends forever, I for one, have trouble asking anyone for help. I will need a ride for my surgery, and hate to ask, that is my problem and I'm working on it. You seem to have money for gifts for your friends, so, this leaves one wondering?

Live consciously....

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I LOVE giving gifts. I thought I said it was one of the things I miss most about being poor, not being able to give gifts.

My electric bill is in my name. My water/sewer/garbage and natural gas bills are all in my landlord's name. And my internet, too. I did have my landline in his name. We set it up that way because in the past, I would be gone months at a time, and it was convenient for us both.

I checked my electric bill against what's average for a single person living alone. Seems the USA average is about 900 Kwh; I use about 600 Kwh, so I am frugal with it. But the bill remains enormous. I did apply with Nebraska state today for assistance.

Thank you all for the suggestions and input.
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