Anyone ever try an electric unicycle?

So I bought on a few weeks ago, with the sole intention to get around my city and not incur the gas expensive of my vehicle. It's wicked! I'm probably months away from being proficient on it, but it tops out at 35mph with 60 miles on a charge.

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There's a guy here that commutes on one. Coolest thing ever. He's very good. Does things I would never attempt, that's for sure. I've thought about getting one.
Had to look that up because I was thinking of a circus clown. These look more like a one-wheeled Segway, sans handle. I have seen people on them before. What keeps you from losing your balance and falling off?

I have ridden an e-bike several times and they are awesome.
I weighed ebike vs this EUC (unicycle). And decided for the price and specs, I was getting more bang for my buck on the EUC. I went mid range.

The wheel stabilizes front to back from due to magnets and this is what drives it forward and backwards. But no stabilization from side to side.

I never got on a segway, but do believe it's sort of the same thing. Actually whoever bought the segway brand is competing in this market.
Awesome @Dongjuan! I am a fan of all micromobility options. 60 miles @ 35mph is pretty good. What's your plan with carrying items, if any?
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