My laptop died yesterday!

Then came on this morning for short while. What do I check first? It won't come on again. It's 2.5 yrs old.

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The very basic is a power issue.

Does it operate when plugged in to a known good outlet? Is the little light next to the power input to the laptop on? (On my laptop the plug into the computer is not perfect so sometimes everything looks plugged in but it is not making the contact to power the machine and need a little wiggling.)

Obviously check that the plug into the transformer box is snug and hasn't been kicked loose.

If it works plugged in, you likely have a little icon in the tray for how fully the battery is charged. If it is not showing as charged, give it some time to get charged. If it will then work on battery power you are probably fine. If it works plugged in but not on what appears to be battery, you may need a new battery, though the laptop batteries usually last more than a couple of years.
I'll try again. Many thanks. I'm so glad I have my smartphone. My Roku and tv are ok.
Your laptop will work without a battery. The risk is bumping the cord and losing everything immediately. My HP laptop battery (my sons actually) didn’t last very long, but we dealt with it for a couple of years before we went out and bought a new battery.
My laptop died a few months back. It was the charger. Not having the model number (because it was dead), I ordered a similar one from Amazon and it worked.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
The battery has been shot on my HP laptop for a few years. If it loses electricity, even for a second, it shuts down. It has to be plugged in and works just fine. One of these days, I'll get a new one. I finally had to get a new iPhone, after the old one would no longer even charge.
In meantime I'm using Moto! Got apps for here, email and surveys!! I used points for surveys to get new battery. Thanks y'all ????
My laptop works ok now but I do have new battery on the way. Strange...... Hey it works now. It's much easier doing surveys on 17" screen!!!
WOW, and here I was thinking I was the only one with a bum battery, haha! Seriously, my battery lasts about 25-30 minutes when my laptop is unplugged, so I keep it plugged in all the time....unless I accidentally pull it out of the laptop unawares, and then all of a sudden everything....goes....dark....But other than that my faithful Windows 7 laptop works fine. No sense me investing in a battery, because sooner or later I need to get a new laptop.

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I cancelled order but not sure if it will cancel. Laptop works great again. Doing happy dance
@Lucky7s wrote:

I cancelled order but not sure if it will cancel. Laptop works great again. Doing happy dance
Well that's odd! What happened?
laptop works fine and Amazon let me cancel new battery order. All is well. I have no idea why the laptop didn't work but it didn't. I used my smartphone!!
So Lucky 7s and heather shops are the same person? Good to know.

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