Hot and Sour soup Tofu Recipe help needed

@HonnyBrown wrote:

I'm asking instead of buying multiple boxes for cheap, why not get a bag of the rice for much cheaper.

I used to make lobster risotto on New Year's Day. It made sense for me to buy a $6 box for one occasion. Since you make risotto frequently, why not buy the raw rice in a bag.

Link to a bag on Amazon for me? I am not sure which one you mean?

ETA: Kroger Arborio rice is $2.49 for a 16 oz bag.
I paid $1.49 for a 17 oz box of really good stuff.
Do they sell giant bags of it? The 32 oz plastic jar of it is $8.99.

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I like Imperfect Foods. I think you first mentioned it and I looked into it. I got a very nice truffle butter from there.

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