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I charge my moto g7 power every 2 or 3 days. I have never seen a notification that it is fully charged. Moto smartphone users..... does your moto have notification being fully 100% charged?

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I never got an sd card and am not sure what to get. If I am correct...the sd card stores pictures..? I have to throw away some of my pictures I took cuz it takes so much room. I do not know how to print the pictures without an sd card. Isn't that how we print them? I plan to call Motorola tomorrow about this.
Called Motorola about sd card. I need micro sd card.... 512 gb maximum and found out all I have to do to print pictures is take my phone in to where I want to print and give them the phone. I had no clue. I'm very happy now.
Depending on which PC I want my pictures on depends on if I email them to me or if I use the data cable to transfer the pictures.
Are you asing if the phone gives you a notification when it has fully charged? I have the g7 and I just check the upper right hand symbol to see what percentage charged it is. I'm not very astute with technology, but I always send a text to my email when I take pictures on my shops. I periodically go through and delete old photos when I'm waiting at a dr. office, for example.
@heather shops wrote:

Yea, I just wait til it is 98% charged. I cannot send photos to email. How do you do that?

The 1st thing is, you have to have an email account set up on your phone. Since it is an Android phone, I am guessing that you have a Gmail account set up.

This is with a Samsung A10 phone: Select the photo icon on the screen (this is what gets you to your pictures). Depending on how you have the phone set up, it will give you various choices. I usually leave mine on albums. Select the album that I have the pictures in. Then select a picture that you want to send. When the picture is on the screen, you select the symbol that looks like the Less than sign with circles at each end and on the point. I always thought of it as a sideways peace sign. You tap on that, and it comes up with choices. Select the email icon, come up with the To, Subject, and a place to write. Enter who or where it will be emailed to and then enter in what the subject is.
Ie... for me, it would be To The subject would be Sonic Receipt Hwy 51. Then in the note, I would put something that would remind me of what it would be. Mostly for me, it is the same thing that is in the to and subject. This is so that when I get the picture and download it to the PC, I keep the date and time as it shows up and then copy the info and pastes it on to the end of the identifier. SO that it will look something like this 20210401_133744 Sonic receipt Hwy51.jpg And if this is as clear as mud, then ask a friendly teenager

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I did it. I am going to get another laptop as soon as I can. The chromebook does not work for me. lol
Anyways thanks.
Glad I could help.

@heather shops wrote:

I did it. I am going to get another laptop as soon as I can. The chromebook does not work for me. lol
Anyways thanks.

I got my Chromebook to work after I bought another refurbed one that still had some update time on it. The HP that I have now will quit updating sometime around the end of the year or first, of next year I do not remember. I went with a Chromebook because the laptop that I updated to windows 10 was slow as heck. So I erased everything from it. (of course, I had backups.) I then loaded it with Linux Mint, which was OK for a while then I updated it and it lost all of the networkability. So I tried a different version of Linux same thing happened. I have run through Linx MInt, POP OS by system 7, open Suse. Then I said the heck with it and bought a used Chromebook. Now I have ordered a Windows 10 refurbed laptop and we will see.

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