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I thought credit reports were free once per year. I'm trying to get mine from all 3 reporting agencies. What a joke. The last time I actually received one was a few years ago and I remember sending a copy of my DL, SS card and I believe a bill with my current address. I've been on all 3 sites and what a joke. Oh, I've said that. Anyway, has anyone else received their credit report in the mail? I would appreciate how you were able to obtain it. Thank you.

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Are you requesting through Annual credit report dot com? They say they are giving all 3 weekly, for free.
Do you have a checking account? All of our banks provide our scores for free although I am not sure if it's from all 3. Experian definitely. If not, go online to
I think that the OP wants to check the entire credit report for errors, not just credit scores and minor notes.

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Thank you. You are correct walesmaven. I want to see the paper report to see who has made a credit check on me.
Try It provides current credit reports from all three agencies or one at a time if you want to check throughout the year. It will give you digital copies that you can print.

The credit scores provided by financial institutions are a few months old. They do not offer reports, only scores.

"I told myself to quit you; but I don't listen to drunks." -Chris Stapleton will show you inquiries and who made them. The date queried and the date it will be removed from your credit are shown. I think it's Experian only. I think it also compares your scores across the three but not sure if the detail about pulls are provided.
Experian gives you the Experian score. Credit Karma gives you the other 2 credit score companies. Both have a free version.
Sign up to all 3 agencies online and view them whenever you want. Banks and credit card companies allow you to view 1 of your credit score numbers right from their site
seconding credit karma. they have a lot of other free services that are very useful as well

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