Harland Clarke payment--what gives

I thought I was in love with HC but I am finding it very difficult to get paid. After several go-rounds with them saying they did not get my W-9 and me sending it to them again and again, I was told everything was good to go. I did 3 shops in November (one on 11/10/11 and two on 11/15/11) and was just paid for one of them. The two that are outstanding are high-paying. I tried calling to find out was going on (who knows, maybe they are sending out a separate check, although why they would do that is beyond my comprehension--and WHY questions are above my pay grade). They do not pick up. I know I should stay calm, but heck....it's been a struggle. I love their shops and don't want to get into a sniffle, but it would be nice if they answered the f'coch-tah (Yiddish, figure it out!) phone. Any thoughts?

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