How does Bestmark calculate cancellation & reschedule rate?

I have done about 18 shops for them. I had cancelled one, and rescheduled one, yet my cancellation rate is 23% and reschedule rate is 17%. I don't understand the math.

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I turned in a low paying shop for them the other day and my reschedule rate actually increased. I wouldn't hurt my head over it. Clearly flawed. Although, I was wondering if it's based on the pay versus the amount of shops. Who knows?
Beats me. I noticed I had a number other than zero for my reschedule rate and did not recall asking for one. I was told that I rescheduled a telephone or internet shop. Yeah, right - like I would have asked to reschedule something so easy. I had no shops outside the house for the day I supposedly asked for the change. Whatever...
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