Goodwin's recent sassie site jobs rating score

Received a 5/10 with no comments or explanation. Put even more effort than normal to make sure I got a good rating for my first shops on their new system...Contacted to follow up. Never received less than an 8, even with anal companies like BH.

Anyone else ?

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There are a few companies, even on Sassie, that don't make grades available publicly, and the rating remains a 5. Is it possible that's the case?

All the recent shops I've been offered are through Prophet -- haven't seen anything about Sassie at all!

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They sent an email out a month ago advertising it.

Goodwin has a sassie site!

No, they actually gave me a 5/10 rating... not a non-rating standard 5
Huh. I don't think I ever got an email about them doing anything on Sassie.

Re the grade, if you're curious, I would call to inquire. Despite the well-deserved slow paying complaints, I have always found Goodwin to be very nice and receptive on the phone. I still wouldn't be surprised if it didn't mean anything, but if you find out, please report back. I'd be curious as well.

SURFmerchants domain advertised it... I think that is sassie. I think they are a small time scheduling company that I signed up for...

Obviously, they moved some people either by activity/rating/location....

New mystery shops for Goodwin and Associates available on the Sassie software platform! via


Goodwin and Associates Mystery Shopper Program is now operating on the Sassie system, as well as our current system. We are currently still doing shops on the old platform, so please make sure you are checking both for available jobs in your area.

We have copied your shopper accounts to our Sassie platform. Your username is the email address registered with your account (and the email address at which you received this notification). Your password is your first and last name together, with no spaces. If you can’t figure out your password, you can use the email password reminder function on the site.

Your new link to login is: []

You will need to update your demographic information, once you log into the Sassie system, before you apply for shops. You will also need to confirm your email address in the system, in order to receive shop offer emails.

As always, thank you for being a shopper with Goodwin and Associates. Any questions, please let us know!

Randi Hardiman
603-223-0303 x)134"

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They ARE using the system...

They never followed up my request for explanation. But they gave me a 10/10 on the next shop. The second shop was much like the first, I only was more positive in my review. Therefore, I have to conclude the Goodwin reviewer didn't appreciate my honesty in some way for the first review.
I dunno. I've done reports which most definitely have not been favorable, and although I haven't done one on Sassie so I can see the grade, I know that internally, my rating is high. I can't say for sure, but it honestly could just be that they're getting used to the system themselves.
I've done so many shops for Goodwin and never got any report rated. But they were so slow in paying and I hate running after anyone to be paid esp in lump sum. I was eventually paid but it left a bad taste in my mouth. When I received the message that they are now on Sassie, I wasn't much interested. If they are having financial difficulties, I do not want to be involved.

As an after thought, Randi was very cooperative and understanding. Great contact. It was the accounting who had to apologize to me after ignoring me.
Ok, here is my recent Goodwin and Associates story. I had performed two different jobs for on the "old" Prophet system and the other one apparently went on the new Sassie system.

My Prophet shop was submitted on time without a hitch. The Sassie shop was technically late because I was not given the link to their Sassie system so I had no idea where to find it to submit the report. I called the office and spoke to a young woman who didn't even know about the new Sassie system and my scheduler was not working that day. I followed up with her by e-mail but she did not respond until 24-36 hours later.

The scheduler calked me a day or two later and thanked me for my patience with the juggling of the two systems. She reassured me that my report would not be considered late.

A few days later, I get a score of 8/10 with no comment or explanation. I am seriously wondering if the scheduler never told the reviewer about the Sassie system issue and I was given a points deduction for being "late."

Do you think it is worth a phone call? Or just let it go? I am used to getting 10's. But there are worse things in life than an 8.

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It is obviously important to you as you both A) checked your score and cool smiley are wondering about no comment or explanation. Even if there were no story behind this it is useful to find out what went wrong that is costing you 20% of the score. If it is a "late" problem you can deal with that and if it is something else, knowing where the burr is under their saddle can help you 'do better next time'.
It's pretty sad when MSCs would get bad reports if they were mystery shopped themselves. From reading this board, it seems a lot of them would!
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