cori gas jobs

Got to love these changes without notification on Cori jobs.

On the yellow and blue gas station, which I have been doing for over a year now for CORI, and many years for another MSC.

Now they say: If the store is not open, you are to submit this as a closed location. This is because 99% of Sunoco locations have 24 hour pumps. Do you have the required photos for a closed location?

Of course, I don't have the photos for a closed location because on their worksheet it specifically says it is only closed if BOTH the store and the pumps are closed.

It is piddling, obviously. And only one job. And now I know, But for any of you who do these jobs, it might be helpful to know.

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What's the going pay rate for those gas stations shops? $4? and $1 reimbursement?

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You submit 2 different photos taken from across the street. If the store is closed it is a closed location...

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I'm still learning 24/7.
The upside with them is they pay the full bonused fee for a closed location. At least for the brands I've done.

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How hard are these? I see them all the time but haven't done one yet because they look a little intimidating.
raregold Wrote:
> How hard are these? I see them all the time but
> haven't done one yet because they look a little
> intimidating.

As close to a cakewalk as you can get
yea, the yellow and blue are nice. the other gas station company that CORI has is a pain in the butt, in my opinion. especially tricky when the station is really crowded. but, i get suckered in when i see one bonused over $20.
CORI does sneak in new requirements in surveys without warning. I just did the fabric store and some of the questions changed from the one I did two days earlier.

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i stopped shopping for cori a couple years ago. Not worth my time to do their reports and deal with their editing dept. My decision to not do shops for them actually lead to me getting much better shops with other msc's, so it was meant to be!

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I'm surprised to hear that Techman. CORI has some of the most lenient editors out there And will always give you a chance to change your narrative or explain a conflict. I have never had an assignment tossed except when I missed a required photo. Maybe you should try them again.

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Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just forget to load the film.
These are my favorite shops. They're not difficult, and on bonused shops the money can be really good.

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I like the yellow and blue jobs. I do alot of them and get a consistent direct deposit every week. I don't have problems with the schedulers either. I've changed dates quite a few times without problem. Alot of things with them are a PIA, but if you wait the jobs out until they start paying a little more than the $4, it can be a good relationship.
CRI is my favorite company. I love waiting until the end of a cycle and picking up shops when the pay goes way up. Exxon/Mobil shops are a pain especially if the station is busy, but with the bonus $$$ they are worth it. And they pay consistently - no waiting. Also edit the shops within a couple hours.
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