Primo Solutions - might be a new favorite of mine.

I just completed a shop with them over the weekend. Easy telephone shop, paid $10. The scheduler, Dawn, is awesome! This is a company I can see myself developing a professional relationship with. I do not see them mentioned often, and through a search I have seen some rather questionable situations, but thought it would be worth it to post that my expereince has been great so far with them.

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I have done phone shops and ten on sight. I love them. Nice helpful people, swift pay.
I have also done several shops, both phone and onsite. Once Dawn begged me to do a shop for her and bonused it. When I got the check, the bonus wasn't included. Sent Dawn an e-mail about it, got a response from the owner, got the bonus without any problem. Haven't done one in awhile because I don't feel comfortable going back to the same location within the short period of time. I was getting follow-up calls/e-mails for a long time so knew I would be busted if I went back. Wish they had some in the Florida area since I haven't done any here.
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