Confero Payments?

Wow. Searched their whole site and Sassie interface and cannot find their pay schedule. Emailed the scheduler a week ago and no response! *sigh* Anyone dealt with them and have an idea of when I should expect payment for a job completed at the end of April? Thanks!

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Hey ISpy -

I did a job for them on January 21st. I was paid via Paypal on March 16th.

Sorry can't help you with closer dates or a variety of jobs. Confero has only had one for me in this area all year. Hopefully someone else will chime in for ya!

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I have worked for them for a few years and it seems they pay 90 days later if your job is approved. Beleave me if your job is not approved they will email you everyday to get it right. But pay is slow. But they do pay higher than some of the others.

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When you say the end of April, was it the VERY end? If it wasn't reviewed until May, it might have gone into the May reimbursement pile. That could put payment back until the end of June. :-( I'm NOT saying it happened that way . . . it just sometimes happened that way with another company I worked for.

I've never had trouble with Confero, though, so something else might be going on. Good luck. Hope you get it straightened out!

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I have worked for them for 5 years. They are slow payers. 6 weeks or more. You will get paid. I think there might be an address specifically for pay issues I just wait.
They seem to pay between one month and two months, depending on who the client is. They have never paid me faster than 30 days, and they have never paid me later than 65 days. Usually it is about 5 weeks.
AM, thanks, I'm doing my first couple of jobs for them, and this thread scared me a bit.

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Very, very reliable, but expect 60 to 75 days.

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It seems to me that most of their jobs require you to lay out money for the shop.

Why would anyone wait 60 or 90 days to be repaid monies you have laid out of your pocket for a slow paying MSC ?
Well I will tell you why. I do college dining shops for them and outlay 5-7$ and get paid handsomely with bonuses. I do 7 per session and the paypal payment is very good when I get it. And I always need it. So no prob for me.
It makes me little difference, as long as we are not talking about laying out more than $30, how long it takes to be paid by an MSC as long as I know I am going to be paid and the MSC pays when they say they are going to pay. I don't mind a 60 day payment as long as the company doesn't drag that into more than 60 days. I have a couple of 90 day payment companies but the amount of shops I take and the amount of money I will lay out gets less as they payment time frame gets longer. And if a company exceeds their time frame or I have to beg for my money they go on my blacklist.
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Thanks for the responses!

Back from vacation and no payment yet. Guess I will continue to hold.
Okay, so just to log marked it paid on 6/11. No notification of payment from PayPal so contacted them on 6/18. Got an apology and then immediate payment. Overall, a lot of payment hassle for having gotten a perfect score of 10.
Sorry to say, but your shop grade will have nothing to do with your pay time. They are forthcoming about their pay schedule.
After much searching, go to the Shopper FAQ site and click on the how do you get paid section. It takes a lot of digging but it is there! And, since this new pay schedule was introduced back in January,it amazes me that they take as long as they do. If you shop AND submit between the 1st and 15th of the month, then you can (hopefully) expect the shop to go into "pending" status AFTER the 25th of the following month. Then, you are expected to be patient until they hit the send key to PayPal. I have had occasions when it didn't hit until the 30th or even into the next month. If the shop is after the 15th of the month, it wil go into pending sometime AFTER the 10th of the second month after. Example: A Shop on the 21st of July will be in pending AFTER the 10th of September. It might not show until the 15th or 16th. THEN, you wait until it hits PAYPAL. Then, it is about 3 days for the ACH transfer. So, it can be as long as 60+ plus days until you have cash in hand. But, don't you dare be 45 minutes after the drop dead report time! Hand and rating smack time! AND, YES, THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME!

Consequently, if you shop, say, on the 8th of any given month, you will not get paid until nearly 60 days later. That is just too long...I've questioned it since its inception, but have never received hard justification for the process. My complaint is I have laid out $$'s.

BUT, the pay (if I can gleen a bonus) isn't too bad. Just wish I could get it quicker. I do work for many other companies whose lag times are MUCH shorter. Just "sayin' "!! Happy shopping, y'all.
Since I do shops for them for items that I would ordinarily have to pay for out of pocket, I am quite happy to be reimbursed and paid a bonus on a 60-75 day basis. Their shops save me hundreds of dollars per year and those are untaxed reimbursements, so I am a very happy camper.

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Having another round of payment issues with Confero. Latest excuse??? "Oh, I don't know what happened!" Right...BareInternational can pay about the 16th of the month following the shop...never missed a beat with them. I really wish those of us in the trenches could get a true reasoning behind waiting 60+ days! The in office employees would be screaming to high heaven if they didn't get their weekly or by-weekly paychecks! Why are we being treated like peons...oh, cause we are? Respect and desire to do a good job goes both ways!
Thanks "dianedawson" for your recent post. I completed a few shops for Confero at the beginning of November. As of today these shops have still not been paid. I tried to contact the scheduler but did not receive a reply. I find it very irritating that companies neglect paying their shoppers if they can get away with it. I will have to reconsider accepting any assignments from Confero in the future. the following address. Give them 24 hours to respond. If you do not hear back, send another the next day.

I finally got a replay after I was told on Dec. 29 that it would be paid in that night's batch. Guess what??? Nothing in Paypal by the Jan. 4. Thought I was being nice by waiting. Hummmpphhh. I sent off an email and got a didn't go through the first time, so they were sending it to Paypal again. Still nothing showed. But, lo and behold, at 15:20 PST, Paypal got the payment. Whoo I get to wait until probably Tuesday at the earliest to have my money. It infuriates me that it is 68+ days from the shop on November 1 I still don't have it. Just keep trying.
Thanks again dianedawson.....I will send them an email today and see what happens. My shops were also completed at the beginning of November. I will let you know if I have any success.
I am having problems getting paid by them also. Every month I have to e-mail them. I finally got paid on the 31st when I should have been paid on the 25th of December. That is not so bad. After it said paid on 12/31 it took another 5 days to get to paypal and another 3 days to get to my bank account. None of the shops I did in November are showing as paid. They blame the delays on paypal. I called paypal. They say the money is in your accounta soon as they receive it. I have shops this weekend that I am going to cancel if I don't get paid for the past work that I've done. Not worth the hassle.
I know your frustration. Who is your scheduler? Did you email the address I posted? I am still digging to find a better way to communicate with them as to how badly their neglegence affects those of us in the trenches. Any shop after November 15 won't be paid until after the 10th of January. I just wish they could be more prompt. As I said in one email to them...if the office personnel didn't get their weekly or bi-weekly paycheck for 5 weeks, something would happen fast! Let me know how it goes for you. Good luck.
I have outstanding payments due for assignments completed before November 15th. Should I be concerned?

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~Viktor Frankl the following address. Give them 24 hours to respond. If you do not hear back, send another the next day. If the and report were both finished by the 15th than get on them. Have you looked at your shop log to see if they are marked pending or paid? Let me know....
AustinMom Wrote:
> They seem to pay between one month and two months,
> depending on who the client is. They have never
> paid me faster than 30 days, and they have never
> paid me later than 65 days. Usually it is about 5
> weeks.

I worked for them a lot when they had fast food shops in my area. It has been over a year since they had them here. zit took from 60 to 90 days to get paid. However, I always had good relationaships with the schedulers and that was worth a $1,000. all I had to do was ask for a bonus and I would get one. The first scheduler retired and another on took over. Bonuses were not as good, but I still could get them when I asked. I knew when I started that the pay period would be longer than most.

Every summer I do amusement parks for them. They have this last year sent a parking pass along with the entrance tickets ahead of time. This really helped as I didn't have to wait so long to get reimbursed as well as paid. They always paid by the time frame I was given and sometimes earlier. My daughter really enjoyed these too as quite often they paid for her ticket too.
Update from my previous post.... After two attempts to contact Confero, my email was answered. I was informed that for some unforeseen reason, my payment was not submitted to my paypal account. (?) Within the same day, I received the payment that I was entitled to. My shops were from the beginning of November so it took about 70 days for payment to reach me. I have my doubts that I would have received a payment if I had not inquired myself.
I'm thinking I better get started on my own payment inquiries now. Gah! I hate chasing payments.

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
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@Anita....I'm not too sure that the delays are dependent on who the client is. I was having problems with both grocery and fast food shops. I think it is their system. And, after seeing what shoppinggirl said, I am convinced that a problem exists if "I don't know what happened" is the standard response. I got that answer 3 times since June...Yes, my schedular is a peach but she has no control over payroll. Happy shopping but, more than that, reliable compensation! to be proactive. It is frustrating, especially when the little extra $$s are needed to help get though the month. Good luck and keep me posted.

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Good afternoon,

I just checked and it has been over 60-days since I submitted my report and I still have not been paid. I have completed 4 shops for Confero and two of this assignments I had to chase the company for payment. If this happened just once, I can get over that, but twice it is unprofessional. When I got the assignments I was emailed it would be 45 days! So much for integrity. This will be the last time I do an assignment for Confero. I guess getting 10's as a score means absolutely nothing, (as I guessed) since they cannot even pay according to what they told me. GRRR-RRR
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