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I signed up with CORI and haven't done any shops yet. My average score is 2.5/5, although their FAQ says that you start with an average score of 3 so that you can self-assign. I've submitted their contact form twice explaining that I haven't done any shops yet, and asking them to change my score to 3, but haven't heard back. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on who else I could contact?

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Have you attempted to self-assign? I've been with them so long I cannot remember if my rating started at 2.5 or 3. I also don't understand why they would start yours lower than the norm.

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Stacy, CORI is easy to work with. They have live chat & you can always call them. My score recently fell from 4 to 2.3 bcause I missed 3 shops - dumb me - just missed doing them. Anyway, I'll build it back up in no time. I just went to live chat this morning, explained the situation and within a few minutes, the scheduler assigned me the shops I needed. CORI has some weird ways and rules, but overall they're easy to work with.
Thanks! I'll try the live chat. They do have lots of good shops in my area so I don't want to miss out.
Live chat goes off at noon on Sat., but I believe you can still get through by phone today. (419) 422-3196
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