Second to None can kiss my @ss!

So I get an email 6 days after I submitted my report to them saying that one of my photos was missing and I needed to resend. I resent and never heard back from them, I just checked on my payment status and they rejected my photo bc it was blurry due to inadequate resolution. Hello I used my DSLR to take the pics and then had to shrink it b/c nothing can be large . . .


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I've never done a shop that required a photo. Call them on Monday. They are usually available during normal business hours. I've had that work on the rare occasions there is some type of issue, such as when I couldn't pass a test.

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I Never had to sumbit a picture for that shop. Could they be talking about the receipt?
I am sure they will work with you. Try emailing the pic to the scheduler; always works for me.
Yes their donut DT Shop requires 2-3 pictures. I've used my iPhone and a regular digital camera and never been rejected.

STN is an excellent msc and you should contact them to figure out a way to send a better image.

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I've had a similar shop rejected by them because of the picture. The location is oddly shaped, with cars going through the drive-thru in a u shape. The place was packed, for a Saturday evening, and the only way I could have taken the right picture was to get out of my car and walk up to a good spot, and hold up the line. Instead I took multiple pictures, overlapping, so they could build a complete picture of the shot they were looking for. But that was not good enough.

Lesson learned. That's a location I won't shop again, at least in the drive-thru. I understand their logic though, the client wants what they want, and if they don't get it, they don't get paid and I don't get paid. I don't blame Second to None for this, it's just a fluke about the location. I'm sure others have completed it successfully, it was all in the timing of when I got there.

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I won't do the DT again but love the walk-ins...

It is very hard to get a pic without being obvious because it is a U shaped Drive Thru and always tons of cars going through there..
I do those shops too. I wait till the commissions rise and then snap them out! I haven't had my photos rejected though. I use a 35mm DSLR camera and I do actually walk right up to the boards and hold up the line! I am sure people are wondering what the hell I'm doing!!
I just take the DT picture while in the lane. If you get busted, tell them that you're a food blogger. It works for me.
I want to shop a donut drive through! If you guys tell me that you're on the East Coast and it's my abso fav donut shop I might just have to move back home and get me a vanilla kreme!
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