Second to None Closed Store advice

Has anyone had a closed location at a shop for Second to None? I looked through their FAQ and didn't see anything that would cover this topic. Their report doesn't have an option that says you were unable to do the shop due to it being closed.

So two questions........

1. Advice on filling out the report, I'm thinking of just doing it with all No answers and putting in the comments that they were closed. For my receipt I was going to upload the note on the front of the door.
2. If you've had a closed shop, were you paid? I took a last minute "Name Your Bonus", I didn't have any expenses other than driving around trying to find the place. I had checked the map on the website before I left, but just didn't see it. I called my husband and he mapquested it for me and mapquest sent me in the wrong direction. I actually found the place by asking someone in a local store.

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I've had several United Health shops that didn't happen and I was paid for all. I had to answer every question with a N/A and had to have a verification from someone at the business that the agent didn't show, and the shop didn't happen. I also had to explain on the questionnaire why the shop did not occur.
There was also a time when STN gave me an incorrect address, and they paid me for this one also,
Thanks for the info. I feel better now! I always get a bit nervous when something doesn't go as planned on a shop. The first time I left BestBuy without being helped, I thought for sure I wouldn't get paid. The second McDonald's shop I did, the kid gave me the wrong food and I thought for sure I wouldn't get paid on that one too. I did get paid on both of them. I've heard so many stories on message boards about shops getting rejected for so many things and people not getting paid. Stuff like this makes me nervous.
I had a fast food shop closed (certain holiday) I verified it was closed, took pictures of the location, wrote the scheduler, who told me to send pics and answered the report in the way the scheduler told me to....
Always contact the scheduler right away and ask how to proceed. If it was a health care shop, they make provisions for this and you fill everything out and will get paid.
If it is something else, which it sounds like it is you did everything right and I am fairly sure that they will pay you. Since it is the we, it is unlikely that you will hear from anyone until Mon.
In 7 years I can think of only 1 or 2 times that I have not been paid and both were my mistakes. You sound like a very detail oriented shopper, many are not. They will probably ask for clarifications. This is normal. Try not to worry too much. Let us know if it is rejected, but I doubt that it will be.
This is one of my posts from another thread on this same MSC...

"I never have a problem with communication via phone or e-mail. I always get paid on time without follow-up like some of my other food companies. And I received FULL payment for a closed store location. I called immediately from the parking lot and I took photos of the empty storefront and the "for lease" sign in the window as proof. They didn't even ask for the photos but I wanted to cover myself just in case."

ADDITIONAL NOTE: When I called their office and told them about the closed/out of business location, the scheduler told me that I did not have to submit a report at all. By the time I got home that night, the shop was not showing on my log anymore to even access it. And I was paid on time in full.

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I heard back from the scheduler and she said that I would be paid for the shop. Which is awesome because now July is my new record month for shops! Only 450$, which is pennies compared to a lot of you, but I also work a 45 hour week at my day job and have a 30 min drive to and from work. Soooo $450.00 plus about another $200 in reimbursements really makes my day!
I had a closed jewelry store. I called when I was at the location and left a voice mail. I did not get a call back, so I went ahead and filled out the report as closed. I was paid the full amount.

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Some shops, there's a call-ahead requirement to determine if they're open. Past that, I have been paid, in full, for closed locations, A/C not working, and oven-broken shops. Following the on-site, prior to the report, I immediately touch base and request advice from the scheduler, and have been directed to complete the report and explain. The report is completed with No, N/A, and explanation in the comment boxes.
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