May goodwin payments just hit paypal

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Let's hear it for a payment schedule going the right direction!

Perhaps they finally made a connection between paying on time and getting shops scheduled....
And I scored an awesome website shop for them. Order $70 of treats and have them sent to your house then get paid $100. smiling smiley
Congrats. I wish Goodwin well, though I don't work for them. It's sad to see a long-time MSC, especially one that used to have a good reputation, on the decline. Hope this is a sign that Goodwin is beginning to improve.
Goodwin is a much larger company outside of the MS division.

From what I understand they have the financial resources in place to solve the payment issues and have simply not been motived or respectful enough to do so.

Keeping my fingers crossed...
Or maybe they got the message when the MSPA suspended Freeman from it's self serving organization.

Maybe the MSPA is finally reminding it's members to abide by it's ethics policy.

Seriously, I believe Jacob and everybody else has started some serious momentum beginning with the Freeman issue.

I'm sure Goodwin loves waiting for their own vendor payments.LOL
Please keep us informed. Id be happy to do their shops if I did not have to worry about not being reimbursed cash outlays.
I used to do a lot of shops for this company until I got tired of waiting for my payments and then, my queries were ignored. When it reached more than 100 days and they did not even want to update me on what was happening, I told them I might write BBB, etc. I suddenly received my check.

I have not done anything for them since. You see, considering that they have to reimburse me and it takes another 10 days for the mail from the USA, that is a long time for them to be using my own money.
I was told that my pay request was sent to accounting and that checks would be processed on Friday. The woman I spoke with acknowledge the "difficulties" that Goodwin was experiencing, and they were working hard to resolve their payment issues. I will keep my fingers crossed.
I'm still waiting for payment from April & May, also.

I even emailed them to ask about the late payment... which in the past has resulted in an email ("Oh! So sorry, we forgot!"winking smiley and payment via PayPal within 24 hours. And I have had to email a reminder about *EVERY* payment. This time, I haven't gotten the email or the payment.

Also, I emailed them (separate email, same day) about rescheduling the date of a carry-out pizza shop. The other time I did this, I heard back very quickly and they said the re-schedule was no problem.

I just sent another email to Caitlyn (who according to their website is in charge of the mystery shop program) about both issues, and I'll see what I hear.

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
I received my check on Saturday. Several days after I called. Sounds like they are trying to get it together.
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