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Does anybody else find that many of them seem irritable and unfriendly? They seldom work with me to resolve a problem the very few times that I ever have a problem on one of their shops. Recently I couldn't perform a shop due to a sudden illness, so I emailed the scheduler and detailed the situation. I specifically asked that my job rating not be affected negatively. I get a four word response and my job rating gets docked anyways. I've done hundreds of jobs for'd think I'd get treated with a little more respect. What a lot....

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I have had the same happen to me. Nice way to be treated ofter yesrs of faithful compliance, Right?
After several interactions I have come to the conclusion that they have no life and they suck...

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The few times I've had to deal with them, they've always been kind to and worked with me. {knock on wood!} The receptionist is particularly friendly and warm when I've called.

However, I just today messed up a shop due to a major brain-fart. I sent an explanatory email owning up to it and how stupid I feel about it, apologizing profusely, and asking if I can re-do the shop in a couple of days. I will see what happens.

I too have done hundreds of successful shops for them, and as mentioned have always had positive interactions with them in the past the few times I've had to have one with them... *fingers crossed*!

BTW, this is the first shop I've ever messed up on like this, for any MSC! I feel really really stupid about now. *sigh!*

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
Hey ~ just heard back, and they re-scheduled it for me! No comment on my stupidity. heh.


Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
I've found most of the schedulers to be O.K. I usually use the live chat though if I have a concern. What I thinks sucks right now with them is that I cannot do the home imporovement store shops for 2 months because I didn't research the website to their liking. Yet they never told me what the problem was and I would never have known had LisSTL not enlightened me (Thank you!).
There is one in particular on the "chat" that must hate her job cause she is one miserable person! The others seem to be ok with me.
I still have good luck with the schedulers even though there is one that can be a PITA. Over the last few years they have had major cutbacks and I can see it in the way people end up being treated. There are less schedulers doing more work and some of the policy changes have tied their hands.

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Yeah, what happened to that great pizza place and the EASY shoe store shops is offered far, far away, but not the one that is 2 miles from my house ;(.
Ok, I am intrigued as to how you didn't research their website to their liking. I do a ton of these home improvement shops.
They are queens of invisible emails.....they say they emailed for missing pics..... into the big hole....
I just do not understand why they have to be so rude. They have refused to listen to reason. I wish there was a higher up to go to when I feel I am being really mis-treated.
I have found that too. I once had someone disconnect me mid sentence and when I got back with her on live chat she said "Well, I'm the only one in the office and it's busy" *disconnect*

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