Freeman Group Update

Playing with Google I found something rather interesting. A link took me to a copyright notice for Service Metrics Group, 3501 Token Drive, Suite 100, Richardson, TX 75082. Here is the interesting part, the website address is

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What actions are you taking Cindy5ey? Freeman still owes me over $1000. I am not sure how to proceed.
Freeman Group also owes me almost $1000.00. I have pretty well written it off as a VERY expensive learning experience. Just wondering if anyone has actually signed up with the company out of Texas? I looked at their site, but do not see an area to become a shopper.
I don't know if I have the right person for this reply. There was someone from Dallas who asked about a class action suite. The Dallas Morning News runs a column called Problem Solver in which they contact companies and attempt to work out the problem and then print the procedure in the news paper

I would like for the Dallas person to contact me but don't know the procedure.

For some reason, I wasn't getting any notices that people had replied to my posts here. Sorry about not replying. I have tried to contact Freemans, but they have disconnected that phone number.

Has anyone had any success with reaching Freemans?

I sent a message to Service Metrics (from their website) and heard back. They use to work with Freeman and lost lots of money just like us. They have started a new group and they are on their own. So I would give them a chance

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i tried to send them email on but it is not a working email
i did two visit for Egypt hard rock cafe for 405$ but till now no received and no other contact
I can help but wonder if they will slide out from under their slimey rock... with a new Mystery Shopping Company name...

I would be "weary" for awhile with new companies...It could be our Freeman Group snake!

Also, what exactly did they DO with all the money the client gave them....They certainly did not pay their shoppers with it. sad smiley

Luckily, I got the last hotel shop and then they folded. It took my 7 months to get my money and begging them for it....I said, "never again!"
i knew from a friend they open new company name e-kian mystery shopping company
i don't know if that's true or not as it is working with the same cafe.
I was registered with Freeman Group, but never did any shops for them. Glad now that I didn't.

I'm not an attorney, so this is just my take on things, but if Freeman Group was an incorporated company, the individual employees probably cannot be held liable for the debts of the company. Neither can the new Service Metrics in TX, either, most likely.

Class action suits and small claims court might be the way to go.

Shopping central/southern NJ and eastern PA
camproses Wrote:
> Are there any other companies (reputable) that
> shoppers can sign up with for hotel shops?

Yes, A Closer Look and Coyle.

MSPA Silver shopper shopping the Southeastern states.
1. Are Freemans office still open in Dallas TX?
2. Is Bill Freeman gone to bankrupt court in Dallas?
3. Someone should update us on this case.
I feel terrible for all of you that got fleeced by Freeman. I had a similar situation with Franchise Compliance, but the amount I am owed pales in comparison to the money that some of you lost. I hope that you are able to get some sort of retribution/and or restitution, although I would guess it is unlikely you will get your money. Good luck though. Maybe you can at least make sure that there are some consequences for their actions.
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