Who pay weekly?

I've read all the opinions posted on this site regarding Coporate Research but I haven't found a company who pays weekly like they do. Is there any company who pays weekly or biweekly out there. Also, we should start a campaign to refuse single digit shops. They are simply not worth the trouble. I've been with CRI for only 2 months and from the very beginning I thought it was crazy to even offer shops for $4 and $5. I did an Exxon last week for $40. If they can do it for one they can do it for all. Any referrels will be helpful.

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Yes, CRI pays relatively quickly. I am unwilling to have them deduct further fees off of low prices to send payment by Paypal, so I usually see a check in 10-12 days. It is because of their fast payment turnaround that they can get away with the low fees they pay. IMHO a fair and reasonable price for a gas station visit is around $12-15 depending on what is required. They dispose of most of their shops with little or no bonus, which allows them to bonus some heavily to get the jobs finished. And indeed shoppers take them.

I am not so much concerned about companies paying in 1-2 weeks as I am about them paying fairly and systematically. My understanding is that a number of merchandising companies pay weekly or bi-weekly like clockwork. In mystery shopping, I know that on the last business day of the month I will see payment in full by direct deposit from Service Intelligence for jobs done the previous month (i.e. Jan 2008 shops were paid Feb 29 etc.)
Trendsource pays the 5th and 20th of every month.........so if you do a shop on the 1st.......they actually will pay you 4 days later........very nice!

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