Confero Payment

Is anyone else showing a job as being Paid on the 26th but still not showing up in Paypal? They do not respond to my e-mails and I can never get anyone on the phone.

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I have not had such a problem. I was paid on time each time I worked for them, and they treated me well on a closed shop.

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In the past I have not had a problem either and I'm sure that it was an accident that it was skipped. I just wish they would respond to my e-mails. I have always enjoyed the shops I do for them and they have quite a few close to where I live which is a big plus. I was just wondering if anyone else had a problem with the November 26th payment.
Just this week Confero is showing they paid a $60 shop on Monday, January 14 but as of 5 days later it has still not appeared in my PayPal, and I have done 50-60 with Confero in the past and this has only happened once before.
I'm in the same boat. I have several payments listed as being paid on 1/14, but nothing in my PayPal account as of Jan. 19. There's a bug in the system somewhere.
Wow, Im glad they have any shops in my area. I havent work for them in a long time and now Im glad I dont. I dont like to work for free.
I no longer work for them as of this past week. I had to chase them for my pay. Too many payment problems!
Me too, I finally got my money that showed paid on the 14th. Was told there were 20 people that didn't get paid. From the looks for it, wonder how many really didn't get paid that are not on this board. Hopefully they get the bug fixed and the next payments they owe me will be paid on time. Not scheduling anyting with them until I am paid when they say I am going to get paid.
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